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Training Curricula for the St. Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling

by Catherine Frakas 14 Feb 2006

This is a papal fidelity site. Loyal and Obedient to the Current Pope and to the Magisterium United With Him. Return to Training Index Curriculum Summary for Training to be a Deliverance Counsellor Training to be a Deliverance Counsellor and Investigator involves much discernment, academics, clinical training, and personal spiritual formation. To facilitate this training goal to produce men and women of character and professional expertise as lay counselors who are called by God to be Spiritual Warriors and Deliverance counsellors, our agency leads students through the most comprehensive and professionally oriented training program of its kind in the world. We are not aware of any concentrated training program among any Catholic or Protestant ministries who provide as thorough and comprehensive a training as SPCDC. The SPCDC training program for Deliverance Counsellor leads students through four tracks of training: Academic Track Clinical Track Spiritual Formation Track INTRODUCTION Men and women interested in spiritual warfare work must make application and be interviewed. Staff will assist the applicant in discerning God's call for them concerning the spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry. If it is determined through thoughtful prayer and discernment by the Applicant and our Staff that the Applicant is qualified for our training, properly disposed, and present with an initial discernment of God's Call, he may be admitted to our program. To truly be prepared for spiritual warfare and counseling with people, a Counsellor must be thoroughly grounded in the foundational academic disciplines of Moral Theology and Philosophy, the Theology of Angels and Demons, Logic, Critical Reasoning, counseling, and even a little basic Quantum Physics (for the non-scientist). The actual curriculum takes into account the individual student's previous experience, training, schooling, and knowledge. The curricula topics are: ACADEMIC TRACK Moral Theology Logic & Critical Reasoning Science (as relates to spiritual warfare) The Phenomena of Modernism and Plausibility Secular vs Catholic Worldview The Theology and Ontology of the Human Condition Angelology and Demonology Survey of Occult, Satanic, and New Age Issues and Practices Principles of Spiritual Warfare Principles of Nouthetic Counseling Principles of Paranormal Investigation Ethical Issues in Lay Counseling and Deliverance Legal issues and Protocols in Deliverance Counseling CLINICAL TRACK Clinical Principles in Spiritual Warfare Counseling Healing Principles & Techniques Nouthetic Counseling Techniques Clinical Issues Concerning Dissociative Disorders (i.e. Multiple Personality Disorder)
The Clinical Process of Deliverance Assessment and Case Management Methods Clinical Practicums Clinical Internship Rotations SPIRITUAL FORMATION TRACK
This track will guide the student through three levels of a personal spiritual journey to aid in faith, spiritual maturity, and general formation as a spiritual warrior and disciple. A primary goal of this spiritual journey is also to discern whether or not God is calling the student to be involved in Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance ministry. Study, discussion, and discovery of Spiritual Gifts Spiritual Exercises Spiritual Direction RESIDENCY
In a manner similar to training in the mental health professions, after graduating from the Program, we require a person to spend three (3) years as a Resident before branching out, if one chooses to, into their own Deliverance Counseling ministries. Residency means working as a full Deliverance Counselor (Assistant Counselor) but under general supervision. This allows the new Deliverance Counselor to practice and improve skills and to develop additional skills with full hands-on experience as part of a Deliverance Team. DELIVERANCE COUNSELOR CERTIFICATION
Upon the successful completion of the Training Curricula for Deliverance Counseling and the Residency, the new counselor will be evaluated and considered for certification as a SPCDC Deliverance Counsellor. (This is an in-house certification and does not imply certification by any other agency, group, or the Church). SENIOR DELIVERANCE COUNSELOR
Once a person is certified as a SPCDC Deliverance Counselor, he may choose to undergo additional advanced clinical training that shall lead to Senior Counsellor certification. A Senior Deliverance Counselor is one who has undergone advanced training and experience in general counseling, Nouthetic Counseling, spiritual direction, and clinical deliverance counseling. This training consists of additional academics, clinical experiences, spiritual direction, and Internship. Return to Training Index

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