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SPCDC Spiritual Warfare BBS - Star of David & Seal of Solomon - same?

by Catherine Frakas 21 May 2010

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Author Topic TradCath Page USA 55 Posts
Posted - 06/22/2008 : 7:30:30 PM
I was looking through the book Bro. Ignatius Mary has available on spiritual warfare called Hope, Help, Victory A Spiritual Warfare Workshop. I noticed the Star of Solomon (pg. 66) and it looks exactly like the Star of David. I'm confused as to why this same symbol is used by Godly people and also Occultists. Bro. Ignatius Mary SPCDC Director USA 1458 Posts

Posted - 06/22/2008 : 8:38:37 PM
TradCath:That section of the manual has to be revised; it has some misleading information.Nevertheless, the answer to your question is contained in the manual with the description next to the symbol: quote:The Hexagram or Seal of Solomon is the most powerful symbol used in the occult. This symbol should not be confused with the Star of David. Baskin describes it as a six pointed figure used to control demons.
The symbol is said to have been a signet ring owned by King Solomon that had magical powers to control demons or even to speak to animals. This is a perversion of the Star of David in the same way some occultist pervert Christian symbols such as the Cross or Crucifix.Occultist often co-opt Jewish or Christians symbols for their own purposes.

God Bless, Bro. Ignatius MaryTo Email, Click here
Blues Inquirer USA 12 Posts

Posted - 06/23/2008 : 01:50:14 AM
Bro. Ignatius, I didn't know that the Star of David was used in the occult. To me it looks like two equilateral triangles flipped together. It always has given me the impression or I thought that this symbol was symbolic of the dual Nature of the Messiah, God and Man. Do know the symbolism in the Star of David; but the real one not the occultist lies?

May the Lord Keep You Safe in His Sacred Heart,Blues
kepha Page Canada 51 Posts

Posted - 06/24/2008 : 05:25:18 AM
Star of DavidThe six points symbolize God's rule over the universe in all six directions. In Kabbalah, the two triangles represent the dichotomies inherent in man. The Star of David was also a sad symbol of the Holocaust. Rabbi Shraga Simmons my search, I came across two funnymentalist Christian web sites, both claiming the Star of David is a an occult symbol. And I found them in a row, so there is a lot of misinformation out there. Peter...+ Topic New Topic Reply to Topic Printer Friendly
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