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Financial Requirements for Training with the St. Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling

by Catherine Frakas 15 Feb 2006

This is a papal fidelity site. Loyal and Obedient to the Current Pope and to the Magisterium United With Him. Return to Training Index Financial Requirements for Training TUITION IS FREE! The SPCDC training is tuition free in terms of tuition fees: We operate according to the mendicant spirit, which means that our services are free-of-charge to our clients and students and thus the financial needs to operate this apostolate come from free-will donations and pledges. Although we do not charge tuition, the program does cost money and man hours. We put a great deal of time and effort into this training program. In the real world of employees and typical overhead, this program would likely cost well over $100,000 per year (this is not per student, but the total program) That figure represents the equivalent value of the time being put into this program. Fortunately, we have volunteer staff and faculty and the technology of video and audio tapes to listen to prominent teachers without having to be on campus or pay a fee to hear them (other than the cost of tapes). To be blessed with volunteers and technology that saves us money does not mean that we can operate without financial support. Without specific financial support we cannot continue to offer the program. Offering a Pledge:Thus, as a statement of commitment and in support the SPCDC and its counseling and training programs, we ask students in the program to offer a monthly financial pledge. The amount of the monthly pledge is between the student and God, but such monthly donation should be a serious commitment. Out-of-Pocket Expenses: The out-of-pocket expenses are the responsibility of the student. These expenses include any postage costs and book/tape/material costs. Although many of the materials used in our training curriculum will be provided by the SPCDC, those materials not provided by the SPCDC must be purchased by the student. Long Distant calls to instructors can be handled by the SPCDC if the student does not have unlimited long distance service. Miscellaneous Expenses: Since SPCDC training is accomplished over the Internet and the telephone there are normally no other out-of-pocket costs unless a student wishes to do field work or come to St. Michael House for intense one-on-one training. In that event the student is responsible for all his own travel expenses and other costs in the field. Field Workshops: From time to time our staff may conduct training workshops in the field (traveling to various cities to conduct workshops). In the event of Field Workshops the participants of the workshop are responsible for the travel, food, and lodging expenses for the workshop instructor. There is no tuition for the workshop itself, but the opportunity is made for the workshop participants to give a free-will donation to support our apostolate. Offer a Donations Pledge Return to Training Index

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