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SPCDC Spiritual Warfare BBS - Nephilim where do they go when they die?

by Catherine Frakas 05 Oct 2006

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Author Topic Blues Page USA 95 Posts
Posted - 01/27/2009 : 12:23:17 AM
Hi y'all, I am sure all of you are familar with the mention in Genisis of the Nephilm who were the prodigny of the sons of God and the daughters of men. I wonder where do these men/fallen angels hybrids go when they die? Part of them is an angelic being. Could some demons be these beings?

May the Lord Keep You Safe in His Sacred Heart,Tom aka Blues_______________________The devil can take refuge in his favorite element, anonymity, if he is not exposed by the radiance of the person united to Christ. Pope Benedict XVI
Bro. Ignatius Mary Iustus Ridiculum USA 1788 Posts

Posted - 01/27/2009 : 12:44:14 AM
Tom:There is a common notion that the Nephilim were a result of mating of Fallen Angels with human woman. This is nonsense even though ancient Jewish tradition and some early Christian writers interpreted this so.Angels (fallen or not), however, are spiritual beings. They do not have the capacity to impregnate anyone. They do not have biological bodies (even though they can appear in bodily form at times). These angelic beings have no sperm to fertilize an egg.The Holy Spirit impregnating Mary was a miracle. That cannot be extrapolated to be a possibility for any other spirit. Only God can perform a miracle.In Genesis 6 we read this account of the sons of God taken to themselves the daughters of men and producing the Nephilim. The explanation of St. Augustine, St. John Chrysostom, St. Cyril of Alexandria, and other Church Fathers is that the sons of God refer to the descendants of Seth (a good family line) and the daughters of men refer to the descendants of Cain (an evil family line). The descendants of Seth indiscriminately married women from the descendants of Cain. This facilitated a moral decline.Repeatedly in the Bible we see a moral decline and a movement away from God when people marry outside of their faith (mixed marriage). God repeatedly directs Israel to not marry pagans and gentiles. Repeated Israel ignores this directive and repeatedly Israel finds herself in trouble. Perhaps we should take note of this pattern today when we consider dating and marrying non-Catholics.Anyway, the point of the Nephilim story, as summed up by the Navarre Bible Commentary, is that mankind's moral decline on account of pride and abuses of marriage prepares the way for the upcoming account of the flood.What is interesting here is that we are at a point of history now where we are again in a state of moral decline on account of pride and abuses of marriage.As to your question, these people are judged by God as all people are and will enter eternity in God's friendship or not as the case may be of the state of their soul when they died.

God Bless, Bro. Ignatius Mary
Blues Page USA 95 Posts

Posted - 01/27/2009 : 9:16:20 PM
Thanks Bro. Ignatius, I had read some commentaries by Christian but non-Catholic writers which I believe are misinterpretations. I remember reading in the footnotes of the New Jerusalem Bible that that some early writers refer to giants because of the gigantic works like Stonehenge and other megalithic monuments. I don't discount that there were some giants in ancient times; but, I don't believe per se© in a race of giants. These monuments seem to have built with astronomical alignments that probably served as some calender to early cultures whose economy was beginning more and more on agricultural pursuits. Although this notion has been put forth it has not been backed by statistical tests at least to my knowledge. Somewhere superstition crept into things and astrology started or maybe some mixture with sound astronomical observations. And finally, fallen angels or angels are spiritual beings. There is a basic logical contradiction in the argument with those who put forth the argument that a spiritual being can impregnate a woman. We would have to redefine spiritual and physical if this were the case. The exception of course is the Incarnation. However, I wanted to get expert opinion from someone whose area of study is theology. And I thank you. Very Best Regards & God Bless, Tom Topic New Topic Reply to Topic Printer Friendly
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