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Author Topic ClareFrancis Squire USA 299 Posts
Posted - 11/25/2008 : 8:20:33 PM
Hi, All,I'd like to share a poem. It's from an anthology of Christian poetry, called A Sacrifice of Praise. This poem is from the anthology's section on Middle English poetry (1066-1485). It's written in the English of the time and includes translations at the bottom of the poem:The Seven SinsAnonymousSUPERBIA (Pride)
With a garland of thornes keneMy hed was crowned, and that was sene;The stremes of blood ran by my cheke: Thou proude man, lerne to be meke. IRA (Anger)
When thou art wroth and wolde take wrecheKepe wel the lore that I thee techeThrough my right hand the nail it goth: Forgive therfore and be not wroth. INVIDIA (Envy)
With a spere sharp and grillMy hert was wounded, with my will,For love of man that was me dere: Envious man, of love thou lere. ACCIDIA (Sloth)
Rise up, unlust, out of thy bedde!Think on my feet that are for-bleddeAnd harde nailed upon a tree: Think theron, man; this was for thee. AVARICIA (Greed)
Through my left hand the nail was drive:Think theron if thou wilt live,And worship God with almes-dede, If thou in hevene wilt have thy mede. GULA (Gluttony)
In alle my paines I sufferd on roodeMan gave me drinke no thing goode,Eisell and galle for to drink: Gloton, theron ever thou thinke. LUXURIA (Lust)
Of a maiden I was bornTo save the folk that were forlorn;All my body was beten for sin: Lecher, therfor I rede thee blin. JESUS
I was beten for thy sake:Sin thou leve and shrift to take;Forsake thy sin and love me; Amend thee, and I forgive thee.___________________wreche=revengekepe=observegrill=cruelwith my will=by my choiceof love thou lere=learn about lovingun-lust=slothfor-bledde=covered in blooddrinke=to drinkEisell=vinegarforlorn=doomedrede thee blin=advise you to cease

ClareForgiveness of sins is a greater work than raising the dead. ~St. Augustine
Lorirose Squire USA 254 Posts

Posted - 11/26/2008 : 12:51:21 PM
Dear Clare,What a beautiful meditation on Christ's crucifixion! It's also a great way to remember the 7 deadly sins. Believe me, at my age lately, I can use all the memory joggers I can get!Thanks again.In JMJ,Lorirose ClareFrancis Squire USA 299 Posts

Posted - 11/26/2008 : 4:55:03 PM
Hi, Lorirose,I'm glad it's touched you. I wish I knew who wrote it and how he was inspired. Did he meditate upon a crucifix? When I first read it, I felt as if Jesus were speaking to me.

ClareForgiveness of sins is a greater work than raising the dead. ~St. Augustine
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