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Author Topic Blues Inquirer USA 28 Posts
Posted - 09/17/2008 : 7:22:29 PM
I was called to rescue an injured man on a rig in the strait between Trinidad and Venezuela. The area is known as the Serpent's Mouth or the Dragon's Mouth because of the treacherous rocks that are hidden. It was 45 minute run but into open waters. All was calm and it took 3 hours to get the wreckage off of him. A squall came in from the East suddenly and the sea became very choppy. I was in a 30 foot flat bottomed boat. The waves were so rough the hull was damaged from the constant flexing as we were pounded by the waves 8-15 foot sea. I had to steer tacking against the wind using every trick I knew to not flip and roll. Suddenly the front of the boat lit up. To me it appeared an Angel which showed me the way to steer. I lined up with one of the northern mouths of the Rio Orinoco and flew in with the wind. Then I could jump wave top to wave top. I was lucky. God saved us.

May the Lord Keep You Safe in His Sacred Heart,Tom aka Blues_______________________The devil can take refuge in his favorite element, anonymity, if he is not exposed by the radiance of the person united to Christ. Pope Benedict XVI
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