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SPCDC Spiritual Warfare BBS - Britain Makes Sharia Law Official

by Catherine Frakas 06 Mar 2007

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Author Topic Carol Page USA 73 Posts
Posted - 09/16/2008 : 12:28:38 PM
I don't know if this news will set off alarm bells for anyone else, but it is making my hair stand on end! You can read about it here .Sharia Law is now in play in Great Britain. Right now, it applies only to certain cases involving Muslims, but how long can it be before it finds wider application? Great numbers of Muslim immigrants continue to flood into Europe, having lots of children, whereas native Europeans are contracepting their populations to death.Soon, Islamic peoples will outnumber all others in Europe and I predict that Sharia Law might just become the dominant law of the land some day. Liberal Europeans deem Christianity an annoying nuisance, and they have largely succeeded in running Christianity out of the realm of public influence. But they can't keep religion out of their countries forever because people are hardwired to seek God in religious practice, not just in spirituality. Liberal Europeans will rue the decline of the Christian empire when they see what Islam and Sharia Law will bring to their countries. Christianity might have been annoying to deal with, but Islam will be an absolute, catastrophic nightmare to deal with. JesusFreak84 Inquirer USA 10 Posts

Posted - 09/16/2008 : 9:37:36 PM
Or they'll try and run Islam out like they have Christianity. =-\

Carol Page USA 73 Posts

Posted - 09/17/2008 : 11:57:01 AM
Good one, but I think Europeans will have a lot tougher time running Islam out! Christians weren't run out so much as they were absorbed into systems of secular thought, gradually caught up in a spreading culture of death. Parents stopped catechizing their kids, and entire generations were lost to post-Christian thought.I don't look for European Muslims to become Westernized enough to be influenced by modern, secular Europeans. So far, these Muslims don't seem to be adapting to Western culture much at all. They tend to keep to their own and maintain strong cultural and religious ties to their Muslim communities, even as they work and live along side Westerners. I met a man from Paris, France at a trade show about a year ago who shared his concerns about how rapidly Islamic culture is taking over his country. He said their enlightened French mindset of political correctness in accepting the new Islamic immigrants backfired on them. They assumed the new immigrants would quietly assimilate into larger French culture. But now, everyone is walking on eggshells. He described all the horrible Muslim riots and how gangs of angry young Muslim men terrorize and ransack their neighborhoods. I guess some of this is due to generic problems encountered when any large population immigrates, but militant Muslims seem very angry with Western culture and economic success, insisting that they should be the ones enjoying world dominance and success based on the truth of Islam. And there are many militant Muslims over in Europe. Topic New Topic Reply to Topic Printer Friendly
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