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SPCDC Spiritual Warfare BBS - life in a muslim area

by Catherine Frakas 05 Mar 2007

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Author Topic aljohns Inquirer Belgium 17 Posts
Posted - 10/01/2008 : 1:32:25 PM
After a suggestion by carol i have decided to try and give a take on what its like living in a well known area for muslim people here in europeWell the first thing that i have noticed is that its unsafe to generalise and put all muslim people as one,for example in my area there are many moderate muslims who are very much non radical. Who are very moderate in there views, often i notice the country where the person comes from orginally seems to have a effect the viewpoint and general outlook 2...there also seems to be a group of muslim people here who are muslim in name more than anything else ,they seem to adopt a muslim position for more political reasons such as palestine. It appears to be the case i am a muslim because someone told me i was3..Many of the muslims i know, know full well i am a christian and encourage dialogue to such a point where acceptance is sought By acceptance i mean a attitude of of hey i am a person lets not fight....the radicals in our community and there are radicals (some of the people arrested for the madrid bomb came from our community )are small in number they often will not even say good morning to you cause they are totally seperatist 4.Yet our community while having a large muslim section is by no means exclusivly muslim on of the most wonderful christian misionarys a 70 year old South African lady has now got one of the most radical muslims doing her photo coping every wednesday and they engage in dialogue over coffee its a truly wonderful sight so God is clearly making his presence known,,,my wife sometimes attends a womens get to gether that has 50 percent muslim women run by this missionary lady sometimes it is the first non muslim people they have actually spoken tooi conclude that while there are clearly problems the is reason to have hope it is clear to me as i write this that god is working right here right nowi hope this gives you a take on the matter folks al

al johnsonaka(aljohns)
Nick Inquirer United Kingdom 30 Posts

Posted - 10/02/2008 : 04:20:40 AM
it may seem strange, but in the UK, I find Muslims less threatening than some whites. We both believe in God (that is, if you agree that Allah is God) in a secular society and I admire the courage some of them display (not the suicide bombers, but those who practise their faith openly). I find them well-mannered and their youth less threatening than ours. That is from my experience, in an area where Muslims are quite prominent.This is ironic in a way, because I have always seen Muslims as a chastisement from God to the West, which has largely abandoned Him (just a gut feeling, based on how God treated the Israelites when they rejected Him in the OT).I certainly don't welcome their expansion in the UK, by the way. I would like to see Christianity return and until it does, I believe the Muslims will keep growing until we repent. aljohns Inquirer Belgium 17 Posts

Posted - 10/02/2008 : 06:19:57 AM
hi nicki can see your point of view im from the south west of england(bath) am there often enough i can see what you are saying one thing at the most important issue that i can see is to engage in healthy dialouge

al johnsonaka(aljohns)
Carol Squire USA 102 Posts

Posted - 10/04/2008 : 2:54:22 PM
Hello, Al and Nick!I'm so glad to hear both of you feel open dialogue and friendly exchange with many European Muslims is possible at this point. I believe positive contact with those who have not been radicalized is crucial for witnessing to these people. And it is important to be kind and friendly to them for the sake of treating them as fellow human beings who are equally beloved by God.I just wanted to point out, however, that the Koran actually supports a more radical interpretation of Islam that would encourage domination and aggression towards Westerners. Let us hope that these gentle people never seriously delve into the teachings of the Koran, or at least that they attempt to give it more moderate interpretation.Thank you for your interesting observations, and God Bless!Carol Topic New Topic Reply to Topic Printer Friendly
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