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SPCDC Spiritual Warfare BBS - A ghost story

by Catherine Frakas 10 Apr 2010

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Author Topic matthew1970 Inquirer USA 10 Posts
Posted - 07/08/2008 : 1:08:53 PM
Hello Everyone,A co-worker and I were talking about ghosts, and he shared a story about his grandmother's house, and I was just wondering what you all think about it.He told me that growing up, everyone knew that his grandmother's house was haunted. He said that they would be in the house and they would hear footsteps walking down the stairs from the second floor, and then the screen door at the bottom of the stairs would open and shut. The same thing would happen pretty frequently, and that it simply became common place. They got to the point where they wouldn't even look twice when they heard the steps going down the stairs and the door open and shut.Then his grandmother remodeled her house, and they took the screen door out, and made a wall there instead. He said that everyone in the family was wondering what was going to happen with the haunting, since the screen door was no longer there. Well, he said that they were there in the house when the footsteps started down the stairs again. They waited to see what happened when the spirit got down to where the screen door used to be. He said that when the foot steps got to where the door used to be, they heard a thump as if someone had walked into a wall, and then nothing. And he said that they never heard the footstep ever again after that.My question is: What was that? Any ideas?With His love,Matt Bro. Ignatius Mary SPCDC Director USA 1448 Posts

Posted - 07/08/2008 : 2:06:58 PM
Matthew:It is possible this was a Ghost of the Sixth Kind (e.g., Seven Kinds of Ghosts).A sixth type might be a form of time/space instant replay. In such cases what one sees is the ghost performing a certain scene repetitively. For example, a ghost of this type may go from the top of the stairs to the bottom and then disappear. This may happen over and over again. It never changes. The Ghost never interacts with anyone, and we cannot interact with it. This is not likely a preternatural event but a quirk of nature.When the screen door was taken out the energy that was creating this ghostly figure probably dissipated.

God Bless, Bro. Ignatius MaryTo Email, Click here
matthew1970 Inquirer USA 10 Posts

Posted - 07/08/2008 : 2:14:05 PM
Thank you, Brother Ignatius. I was wondering if that may have been it, since he said that the ghost did the exact same thing each time.Thanks again, Matt Topic New Topic Reply to Topic Printer Friendly
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