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Author Topic Spero Inquirer United Kingdom 4 Posts
Posted - 07/07/2008 : 12:47:31 AM
My sister has just returned form Egypt and has brought back a wall hanging ankh for me, she thought it was a cross.What is the back ground on these things, are they safe to hang on the wall as decorations; I am not up on Egyptian lore and personally would rather not display it at all, because as far as I know it is not Christian.Advice please.Spero kepha Page Canada 51 Posts

Posted - 07/07/2008 : 08:15:31 AM
As the Christian era eclipsed Egypt's pharaonic pagan religion, the sign was adapted by the Coptic church as their unique form of a cross, known as the crux ansata. http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/ankh.htmIt is generally believed to mean new life to the ancient pagan Egyptians . The Coptic Church was established by St. Mark the Apostle in Egypt. It is that church which adapted the symbol. The Coptic Catholic Church is an Alexandrian rite in communion with the Pope. It is not paganism influencing Christianity, but the other way around, contrary to the New Age usage we see today. In the context of contemporary culture, a display of the ankh would be new age-ie, but to display it in the context of it's Christian adaptation would be fine in my opinion, provided you accompany it with something to give it that context, such as an icon of St. Mark, or some kind of ascetically pleasing compliment that reflects our rich heritage. That way you would be acknowledging you sisters kindness and be taking back what New Agers are trying to steal from us. Spero Inquirer United Kingdom 4 Posts

Posted - 07/07/2008 : 10:00:16 AM
Originally posted by kephaAs the Christian era eclipsed Egypt's pharaonic pagan religion, the sign was adapted by the Coptic church as their unique form of a cross, known as the crux ansata. http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/ankh.htm
The ankh I have has an engraving in the centre of a pharo pouring water or some liquid in to a vessel that is being held by a woman, it could be the pharo's consort and around the borders of the ankh are hieroglyphics.So without knowing what the picture and the hieroglyphics represented, would it still be appropriate to display?Spero

In Christus Rex David
kepha Page Canada 51 Posts

Posted - 07/09/2008 : 09:28:10 AM
No, it is not...by itself. For example, obelisks are those 4-sided tapered pillars that are found in several cities all over the world. They were originally erected by pagan pharohs and pagan Roman leaders. The largest one was moved from the spot where innumerable Christians, including St. Peter, were martyred. Now it sits in the middle of St. Peter's square. It is appropriate because of its context. It represents how the love of the Gospel is stronger than power and selfishness of pagan Rome. BTW, the little cross on top of the Piazza San Pietro obelisk contains a relic of the true cross. That is an example of the importance of context. The obelisk in Washington D.C. and Paris, France, has nothing to do with Christianity. I would not be afraid to display the ankh, but before I did, I would research Eygptian mythology, find out who that pharo and woman are, and be ready with an answer to explain how pagan Egyptian mythology does not parallel Christianity as many claim. Maybe print up an explanation plaque to place next to it. Use it as a witnessing tool. If you are not prepared to give some kind of context, not do a little research, and feel you would offend God more than your sister, don't display it. Personally, I think a display of a historical piece of art is harmless provided it is knowledge you are conveying, and not promoting a pagan religion. Again, it has to do with context. That determines whether or not you are you are simply displaying something as historical mythology, or promoting a pagan religion. You, your family, your guests and your pets are not instantly going to turn into Egyptian pagans because of a wall hanging. I wouldn't display it in the main wall of the living room because most people have an I.Q. of 25, would take offense to it, misunderstand you, and it really isn't worth the hassle. But that is just my 2 cents. Topic New Topic Reply to Topic Printer Friendly
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