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Author Topic gmichael Page USA 86 Posts
Posted - 06/24/2008 : 9:35:16 PM
Although I pray for his soul, it's interesting to watch the mainstream media heap praise on a man who's career was defined by his ability to weave 7 dirty words into a comedy routine.I'm talking about George Carlin, who died suddenly on Sunday. While some of his cleaner jokes were fairly humorous, his atheistic bent and disrespectful attitude towards God, Christianity and religion in general served no useful purpose. His claim to fame via filthy words does not define genius as several newspaper columnists tagged him, it speaks of a troubled soul, a vulgar man, and someone who contributed to the continued decline and crassness of society.His relativistic justification for using vulgarity in his routine was that words are just words. He thought it was ludicrous that some of them were deemed by a religious society to be unsuitable for everyday conversation. What an ignorant fool.Thank you George Carlin. Because of your moronic and stunted outlook on life we have you to thank for your part in tearing down a respectable society.I pray that the God Carlin so willingly mocked, denied, and abused for a cheap laugh may have some mercy on his soul. ClareFrancis Squire USA 135 Posts

Posted - 06/24/2008 : 10:28:28 PM
quote:Thank you George Carlin. Because of your moronic and stunted outlook on life we have you to thank for your part in tearing down a respectable society.I pray that the God Carlin so willingly mocked, denied, and abused for a cheap laugh may have some mercy on his soul.
Maybe we could submit this for his tombstone? Peace,Clare

ClareI am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God Who is sending a love letter to the world.~ Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Geri Inquirer USA 9 Posts

Posted - 06/25/2008 : 04:34:33 AM
gmichael,It is a sad commentary on our society that the majority of people found this man to be funny. That George Carlin could make a living by saying offensive words. We should pray for him that at the last moments of life that he got a chance to say he was sorry. We should also pray for the people who find this comedian and others funny. They are giving society what society is demanding at the present time. Sad, but we should pray for not only George Carlin but all people to have a change of heart back to GOD.

Geri PridgenWashington, NC
debrodg4 Squire USA 155 Posts

Posted - 06/25/2008 : 11:41:46 AM
Dear gmichael, I agree with everyone's response. We should pray for this man and his soul. The first thing I thought of when I heard that he died, was the fact that he had done nothing but make fun of religion, especially Catholics, bash God, and use vulgar language. And in today's society they call him a comedic genius.

gmichael Page USA 86 Posts

Posted - 06/26/2008 : 09:23:35 AM
I agree that we should not only pray for his soul but for all those attracted to this kind of humor.His argument about vulgar language being just words is so elementary in its thinking that its laughable. Words are just words? I don't think so. They stir passion, feelings, and move people to action. What if Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg has stood there and said nothing but Carlin's 7 dirty words instead of the impassioned speech he gave?Liberals will use moronic arguments like this and dress them in a way that make them sound halfway legitimate to serve their own needs. Then the mainstream media jumps on the bandwagon and writes elitist sounding tributes to garbage like this. And so many people fall for it--very sad.That's the reason I put this in the Spiritual Warfare News forum--Carlin and the like are all a piece of the puzzle in Satan's grand plan whether the realize it or not (most don't). Topic New Topic Reply to Topic Printer Friendly
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