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Resourcse Used by our Hosts

by Catherine Frakas 11 Jan 2001

Our Viewpoint The goal of the St. Michael Question & Answer Forum is to provide authentic, orthodox, and accurate information on Church teaching for the topics discussed. Hosts chosen to participate in the forum are chosen because they are loyal and obedient to the Pope and Magisterium of the Church and are absolutely committed to this goal. With this commitment to fidelity to the Chruch we seek to express only official teachings on subjects for which an official teaching exists - submitting all personal opinions to that official teaching. In other areas, where latitude of opinion is allowed, every attempt is made to offer opinions that are in full accord with the general spiritual principles, teachings, and wisdom of the Church, Sacred Scriptures, and Sacred Tradition. To give an example of the source material and the point-of-view we come from, answers to questions are researched from such sources as the Catechism, Documents of Ecumenical Councils, Code of Canon Law, official Curia documents, writings of the Early Church Fathers, and the writings of the Popes. We look to any Saint who may be helpful in answering a question, but focus primarily on Sts. Thomas Aquinas, Augustine, Benedict, Monfort, Francis, Ignatius Loyola, Francis deSales, John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Alphonus Ligouri, Maximillian Kolbe, and others. Other resource material includes the 1917 Edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia, the Father Stravinskas' Catholic Encyclopedia, the Catholic Almanac, Anne Carroll's Christ the King, Lord of History, Father John Laux's books including Church History, Frank Sheed's Catholic Evidence Training Outlines, and similar reference books. On information about Marian Apparitions, our policy is to support only those apparitions that have been approved by the Church or a local bishop. The source of information in determining the approval status of a paricular apparition will be determined by the Apparitions of Jesus and Mary Web Site, unless one of our experts has personal knowledge of approval not yet reported on the referred site. Other writers and thinkers we rely upon include Deitrich von Hildebrand, G.K. Chesteron, Father John Hardon, S.J., Father Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R., Father Thomas Dubay, S.M., Father Mitch Pacwa, S.J., Scott Hahn, Ph.D., Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., and in general the Mother Angelica/EWTN crowd and other sources such as Fathers Rumble and Carty's Radio Replies, the people and material of the Catholic Society of Evangelists and any other source that is orthodox and loyal to the Magisterium. We use the Vatican Website, EWTN Website, Catholic Answers, Catholic Information Network, Petersnet, and other similar Internet resources for research as well. See the St. Michael Favorite Links, called The Village, for a comprehensive listing of orthodox sites on the Internet.

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Praesent vestibulum congue tellus at fringilla. Curabitur vitae semper sem, eu convallis est. Cras felis nunc commodo eu convallis vitae interdum non nisl. Maecenas ac est sit amet augue pharetra convallis nec danos dui. Cras suscipit quam et turpis eleifend vitae malesuada magna congue. Damus id ullamcorper neque. Sed vitae mi a mi pretium aliquet ac sed elitos. Pellentesque nulla eros accumsan quis justo at tincidunt lobortis deli denimes, suspendisse vestibulum lectus in lectus volutpate.
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