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Christmas Proclamation QUESTION from Brett on February 19, 2002 I believe that the proclamation that A. Basto may be found at the following location:
I'm not sure how that parish used this proclamation, but in the parish where I worship on Christmas, the cantor chants this proclamation immediately before the procession.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on March 2, 2002 Dear Brett,
Thanks for the reference.
I don't recognize this as a liturgical text, and I don't believe it is found in scripture. It certainly is not in the lectionary for the Mass on Christmas day.
If it were to be recited in church outside of the Liturgy, as apparently it did in your church, there would be no problem. But it is not allowed to add this to the readings during Holy Mass or replace a reading with this.
Mr. Slavek
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