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Amityville horror QUESTION from omar on December 20, 2003

Hello Brother:
I'm sure you've heard of the Amityville Horror case. Over the years, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the case, and I was curious to hear your opinion on it.
Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are two Catholic paranormal investigators, claim to have been involved in the case, and firmly state that it was not a hoax. I have also personally talked to a Catholic exorcist, who told me that he talked to the actual priest who was involved in the case, and who also suffered from demonic attacks while trying to help the family.
I know the Catholic Church never officially got involved, but both the Warrens, and this exorcist I talked too, claim that it was not a hoax.
So I am curious to hear what your opinion is on the matter. Thank you, merry Christmas, and God bless you and your ministry and web site.
Yours in Christ

ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on December 24, 2003

Dear Omar:
We always need to remember that Hollywood will exaggerate any true story they put to film. With that said, yes the Amityville case is real. It is not a hoax. Those who have accused the Lutz family of lying have some hidden agendas. This is not unusual in a famous case; everyone wants in on the action and if left out begin a gossip campaign. Nevertheless I believe the Lutz family did in fact experience what they claim to have experienced. There is no evidence whatsoever of the Lutz family being delusional or liars or hoaxters.
I need to issue a caution, however, about Ed and Lorraine Warren. Indeed they are Catholic, but they are NOT Catholic paranormal investigators from what I can see. The Warrens, in addition to holding what more level-headed investigators consider nonsense and wacko theories about the paranormal that cannot be supported by logic let alone science or phenomenology, utilize methods that are condemned by the Catholic Church. The Warrens have no problem using occult methods such as seances, mediums, psychics, and other similar methods. Doing this is playing right into the devil schemes let alone behaving in a way that the Church says is a grave sin.
I cannot, under any circumstances, recommend that anyone listen to anything that comes from the Warrens and their disciples. They are not in communion with the Church as far as the methods they use in investigations that include occult activities. In addition they hold what I consider to be ridiculous theories that can only be characterized as superstition at best (which is condemned by the Church too) or utterly wacko and intellectually lazy or dishonest at worst.
God Bless,Bro. Ignatius Mary

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