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name of demons QUESTION from Gallionne Desiante November 27, 1999 I find it wonderful that you have this forum. My question is on demons in general. I wish to know the names of the demons of nightmares. Here in my state there are people who keep trying to summon demons of the nightmare realm. Out of curiosity I wish to know what exactly they are doing.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on November 30, 1999 Dear Mr. Desiante:
Thank you for your support of our Q & A forum. We appreciate it.
There is an old saying, Curiosity killed the cat. I make it a policy to not discuss specific details such as this except with people who have a need to know. Curiosity does not qualify as a need to know.
In general, demons can be known by their attribute such as a demon of anger, a demon of fear, etc.
Often times a demon may actually have a name like fear, or anger. However, we are prohibited by the Church from seeking information from demons such as their names, or from talking to demons directly in any way.
As far as what these people you mentioned are doing. They are trying to conjure demons by using the thin veil of the dream-state to contact them. Drugs can enhance this experience.
Many Indian cultures use specific plants with hallucinating properties to exploit the dream-state to allow the contact with the spirit-world.
Pray for these people. They are playing with fire... more, they are playing with a fire bomb the size of a nuclear bomb.
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