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Demons during Rosary QUESTION from Dustin Dreifuerst M.I. November 13, 1999 Dear John-Paul Ignatius,
This incident happened a few weeks ago, I pray the Rosary at night before i go to bed, I light a candle in front of a picture of Jesus and mary while i do this. But while i was praying the Rosary i felt a feeling of peace, it felt like i was intoxicated with peace, But right after that i felt a deep, deep fear as if something evil was in my room, I was scared and i had trouble sleeping. What was this? Thanks! May Mary shine her Christ given graces upon you and your families!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on November 22, 1999 Dear Mr. Dreifuerst:
The first place to look for an answer is from within yourself. We can easily psyche ourselves out. Often these fears have to do with psychological issues or unresolved conflicts.
Baring that, yes it is possible an evil force was there. We know how Satan hates our Blessed Mother and the Rosary. Such things can happen to try to discourage you from continuing the Rosary.
But you know the answer to that! Smile at the dumbness of the evil one trying to discourage you and KEEP ON PRAYING.
As for the moment you sense this, if you feel the need, pray, In the Name of Jesus Christ I ask Father that if any evil spirit is here with me now that you cast him away from me.
Another thought. The devil wouldn't be bothering you like this unless your prayers are having impact. KEEP ON PRAYING Brother.
God Bless.
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