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Wica & witchcraft QUESTION from Tim Coulter November 17, 1999 It seems to me that recently our media has begun a campaign to infiltrate the acceptance of their behavior. While at the same time the attack on Religous / seperation of church & state continues.
I am concerned.
My wife on the other hand thinks these show are harmless We recently had a new braodcast about WICA in our hometown attracting teenagers. Parents accepting their envolvement.
Am I over reacting?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on November 22, 1999 Dear Mr. Coulter:
No, you are not over-reacting. One of Satan's favorite games is to convince people, It is only a movie.
I call this the It's only strategy. It is only a movie, only a song, only a game, only a joke.
There is no such thing as It's only...
All movies, all TV shows, all music has a message to sell. What is the message?
Another way I illustrate this when I do workshops on Spiritual Warfare is to take a flask of clear clean water.
I fill a glass with this clean water.
Then I take a little dropper and drop a little drop of sewer water in the flask.
I poor another glass of water.
Then I ask, Which glass do you want to drink from?
No one drinks from the contaminated water. Why not? It was ONLY a little bitty drop?
Your instincts are correct. These shows are dangerous.
By the way, the innocent little show called Bewitched was the stimulus for MANY people getting into the occult -- including me.
God Bless.
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