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Evidence of Satan in the Modern World QUESTION from Roberta June 25, 1999 I would like to know in the mentioned title written by Leon Cristiani. In part a lay brother was possessed by a demon named Isacaron, the brother name is Antoine Gay. There is a claim that Isacaron said the most besutiful prayer to Mary through the mouth of Antoine Gay in front of the Statue of the Virgin. Do you believe the devil can say such beautiful prayer to Mary?? What does the Church thinks of it? Is it approved? The book has imprimatur. I hope you answeer soon!!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on June 27, 1999 Dear Mrs. Roberta:
I think I have this book but am not able to locate it at the moment. Without seeing the specific reference you refer to I cannot comment to it directly.
If the book has an imprimatur then the Church is saying that there is nothing in the book that is contrary to the faith.
As far as a demon saying a prayer that sounds good, yes, I think it is possible. I think Satan will appear good if it will seduce people into darkness in the long run. The Bible does say that Satan can appear as an angel of light. That would mean that Satan can appear good, but obviously that is only a con. Satan is the king of the con artists.
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