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Jehovah Witnesses QUESTION from Linda June 24, 1999 I myself use to be a JW. It wasnt until we moved and I had some time (with my husband convincing me) that I realized I was under mind control. I became a Catholic in 98 with my children. I did try to forse them into the JW's but they were not controlled like I was. If it wasnt for the love of my family not giving up on me I would surely still be one. My husband is catholic but was not a practicing one at the time. After I became a Catholic my sister gave me a video and I read an artical on mind control. It scared me the way I had changed when I became a witness! Looking back now I feel like I was posessesd. I would feel angry all the time because people wouldnt respond to my door to door witnessing. I also felt like I hated anyone who wasnt a JW! It is so scary to me to think I tried to drag my children into there mind control. I love my catholic faith, and have never felt closer to Jesus. It was hard at first because I had it so inbeded into me that Jesus was not God and there was no trinity. I have felt so much peace since becomeing a catholic. I feel fear for ones who fall prey to the JWs especially if they are feeling lonly for friends. Is there anything we can do to help ones who may fall victims to their teachings? Can I help in anyway? If my story can help please post it. Peace to you, Love Linda
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on June 27, 1999 Dear Mrs. Linda:
Thank you for your story. You have already helped by being willing to tell your story.
We will be placing online from additional materials about how to talk about the true faith with JW and to Mormons.
Thanks again for sharing your story.
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