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Protection through Faith QUESTION from Angie February 2, 2001 Dear Brother,
God bless you for the good work you do on this site. I have read the answers given by you and your colleagues on the Q & A pages, and find them informative and interesting. God has bestowed the gift of wisdom on you, that you may do his work. Your faith is strong and your obedience in commendable.
I will try to keep my question brief. I have never been interested in the topic of Spiritual Warfare, as the teaching of one fine nun left me feeling adequately armed with regard to this topic. She instructed me and my classmates to avoid sin and near occasions of sin, to receive the sacraments often, and to have faith that the Lord is always at our side. She taught us to sing the song On Eagle’s Wings for protection, most importantly, the verse: You need not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day; though thousands fall about you, near you it shall not come. Near my bed, my mother kept a beautiful depiction of a guardian angel, under which was inscribed The name of the Lord Most High renders all evil powerless and the efforts of dark angels fruitless.
I have always trusted the teaching of this nun and the wisdom of the inscription, believing I was protected by my faith. Recently, a Catholic friend told me that this inscription may be taunting to the forces of evil. Need I remove this picture? Is my faith inadequate as protection against that which is evil?
Thank you.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 17, 2001 Dear Miss Angie:
Whoever told you that this inscription is taunting is wrong.
The advice the nun gave you and the things you are doing is more than adequate for protection in most circumstances. But remember, nothing is a magic bullet. The inscription and picture and all is not magic. Even Job, who was a righteous man who did all the right devotional things, was still harassed by the devil.
But in terms of a normal situation, you are right on the mark. If there is ever a time that something extra is needed, just take a look at the Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog we have.
The nun's advice was great. Keep it up!!
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