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tai c'hi QUESTION from james mowrey February 3, 2001 Sir,
I have been a practitioner of the martial arts for almost 40 years. Tai C'hi being one of them and quite frankly you shouldn't condemn something you know very little if anything about. Spirituality can be found as can god in alot more areas than the catholic church or any other church for that matter.
Sincerely, James Mowrey
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 17, 2001 Dear Mr. Mowrey:
Thank you for your comments, but actually I do know about Tai C'hi. I had a Chinese friend who was a Tai C'hi master. I met him while I was studying Chinese Language and Culture. For a while, when I was away from God, I was a Taoist. I do know a little something about this.
Your third sentence, however, proves my point. You say, Spiriptuality can be found as can god in alot more areas thatn the catholi church or any other church for that matter.
I never said otherwise. The question is what kind of spirirtuality. I have only one interest and that is the spirituality of TRUTH, of the ONE TRUE GOD. Any other spirituality is a lie by definition.
And of the Truth of the Christian God, I am interested only in the TRUTH of the ONE TRUE CHURCH that Jesus personally founded and that Church is whatever faith fellowship is in union and communion with the Chair of Peter. The only faith community on the planet that qualifies is what we call the Catholic Church.
Yes, spirituality of whatever sort can be found elsewhere, but in case you have a hard time reading, this is a CATHOLIC Q & A and all answers here come from the point-of-view of CATHOLIC spirituality. Dah! I could care less about any other spirituality.
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