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Spiritual Warfare Forum: More information, to help...

by Catherine Frakas 21 Dec 2002

More information, to help... QUESTION from S.A. February 1, 2001 Reading over some of the other postings, I realised I should probably explain some of what is going on with my friend's daughter.
Can't really help us out if you don't know what's happening, eh?
First of all, she suffers from extreme bulimia - this is something that has gone on for years, and is getting progressively worse. She recently went to a clinic in another city, and while she was away I visited her mother. Her mother asked if I would go with her into her daughters room to see something. As soon as I entered that room, it was like walking through an invisible wall of.. oppression? It's tough to label it as purely evil, but I felt complete and utter hopelessness in there.
I told my friend this, and she nodded sadly, admitting that she too felt the very same thing. She showed me pictures, her daughter had drawn - we'll call her Cindy, to save space - and I was horrified! Pictures of herself hanging from a tree, and one of some sort of mist wrapping around her like a snake! Picture after picture would reveal something odd - a picture of Christ protecting a child had demons along the side of the page, and an unfinished area with what looked like serpentine eyes peering through shrubs or something. It was awful!
Later, we came across letters, one of which had a strange symbol on it.. and shortly after a scrap of paper turned up, with terrible condemnations against Christ and God written on it in German, along with 'Hello from Satan' - the scrap had a symbol on it almost exactly the same as the other one. These are only some of the physical evidence we have (I have the note and scrap scanned if you need to see them). All this pales in comparison to Cindy's personal behaviour.. but that would take too long to explain.
I sincerely am worried, as is her mother! I have much more information, if needed to help us. Anything is appreciated!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 17, 2001 Dear Mrs. S.A:
Yes, it helps to have some details :-)
My general suggestion of a psychiatrist is now a definite referral. This girl is obviously in serious trouble psychiatrically. If there is any evidence of suicide attempts or threats of suicide attempts the parents may be able to force a commitment to a psychiatric hospital.
There is certainly a possibility of demonic involvement here, but to what extent and in what manner I cannot tell from your description.
The parents need to immediately search the girls rooms and the rest of the house for anything odd -- books, skulls, bones, occultic materials, etc. Look under her bed and between the mattresses for a pentegram or other occult markings. Examine the closet, any hide aways on the property like a barn a shed, etc.
Any occult material should either be destroyed or stored away until the girl is of age.
Under no circumstances do the parents have to allow this stuff into their house. They need to take charge and get rid of any such stuff and fobid any of it to be brought into the house. This includes heavy metal music or any other music of demonic theme or influence.
The girl will get mad, but this is the parents' house. They have a right to regulate what goes into and what goes on in their house.
Also, in the Spiritual Warfare Prayers we have online, the parents need to take their parental authority to pray for the child. Friends and relatives should also pray for her. We will certainly pray for her.
The parents need to be right with God and develop their devotional life, attend Church, pray and worship.
This will take a lot of prayer. Remember, no one can force her to accept healing.
I would begin with these things and see what happens.
I again invite you to call for a phone appointment is needed.
Bro. Ignatius
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