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by Catherine Frakas 12 Feb 2003

respond to a quote that was said QUESTION from Rob August 29, 2000 It was said a while back that the chouse forbids exisiem unless reviewed by a pope? Well what about that pesons life or what the peson whos is geting ready to perform the exisitem feels that gos said to do it now rather than wait? This I feel is the greatest sin to holdout on someone in need, expessily when there soul is in concern, when you have the power to help in such a powerfull way! A quote I think I read in the bible That Jesus said to someone tho shall listen to my heavenly farther berfore tho listen to anyone else I know god has told man a great number of times to listen to hime first. Now adays it means to listen to him if you are going to do good even if you go againse the church, this does not make you a siner unless you choose not to listen to God and do certain things that the chursh tells you.
While I still feel like arguing I dont beleave the churst should hold bake info at all from anyone! No ands, buts, & ifs about it.
I am a true follower of Crist Almighty and His father God, but If we are not to be possessed than we need all knowledge and examples that we may get to make this word a better place. Thid does not include how to summon the devils and demons this includes what to read and what to stay away from in greater detail in writings for the bookstores and librarys.
Frome a fellow Cristen, and may the light shine on your path.
Sorry about my spelling errors, I'm not as young as I'm leading on.
We are childern of God not people so lets start acting like it and listen to God before Church(for God is your good incents).
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on October 21, 2000 Dear Mr. Rob:
I am sorry, but I cannot understand most of what you have written. Your comment seems to be about exorcism and whether people in need have access to it.
First, the Pope is not the one to review a case for exorcism. It is the local Bishop.
Solemn exorcism is a ritual designed for those in full possession of the devil. It is not designed for lessor bondages or harassment. One does not go into major surgery to remove a hang nail.
The Church does not hold back help, but offers this help to those who need it. That is why the Church has a Ritual of Exorcism - to help those who need it. (Though there may be individual bishops who will not do their job, or don't believe in a real devil, and refuse to consider an exorcism case).
As far the the Church restricting who does a solemn exorcism? This restriction is first made in the Bible. Just as brain surgery is restricted to doctors with certification in brain surgery, so is this solemn exorcism restricted to those certified to do it.
In lessor forms of demonization, however, there are many people who may help -- priests, people like me, counselors, and even the average faithful. The average Catholic can pray on behalf of someone with problems in a limited way.
I don't know if this answers your questions since I cannot fully understand what you posted, but hopefully this will help.
God Bless.
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