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Psychics/Tarot Fascination QUESTION from Louise Brown August 31, 2000 I've been Catholic for about a year and a half. My background is Baptist/Pentacostal but when I became saved I received the gift of discernment and of tongues.
Psychic people would approach me all the time. I became fascinated and studied various astrology and tarot books. Before long dissillusioned with my church I began to read tarot for friends and was quite good at it. I also began frequenting a psychic.
I knew that it was bad so I would go on these tangents where I would quit and pray in the spirit and go to church but always I'd be drawn back because I wanted to know the future and why I wasn't married.
Years of this back and forth and finally I said that I wanted to serve God. But still sometimes I find myself jonesing to see a psychic.
I spoke to my grandmother (Baptist) about it and she told me that I probably have a spirit of inheritance because my mother had fooled around with voodoo when I was a child. My mother is mentally ill but functionable and we really don't talk much so I was surprised by this.
I've read all of your old Q & A's and it scares me but it seems that something makes me want to do this psychic thing. I pray the Rosary every night and I go to mass regularly. I've told my friends that I no longer read and have thrown out all occultic books and I've been as they say, very religious. I just want to know if there is something more I need to do. It's like a craving especially when I feel lonely or depressed. I used to have nightmares but that has stopped since I've been praying. Please help me.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on October 21, 2000 Dear Miss Brown:
From what you are describing it is likely that there may be some generational problems. We have some prayers in our Spiritual Warfare Catalog linked on the SW Q & A Index page that are designed from Renouncing Ancestral Sins. I would advise you to pray those.
There may be some other prayers in that listing that may be helpful to you.
The key here is to do exactly what you have done. Throw out all material -- books, magazines, statues, trinkets, etc -- that has any connection with the occult or New Age.
Then stay close to the Church. Go to Mass daily if you can, go to confession at least once per month, develop personal devotions such as the Rosary. You may also want to pray to St. Bruno who is the Patron of those with demonological troubles. Also St. Dymphna who is the patroness of those with emotional and spiritual problems. St. Dymphna would be a good one to talk to concerning the loneliness and depression.
Be very religious, as you say. Include some of the prayers in our Catalog of SW Prayers.
If, after all of this you are still having troubles, you may want to contact me privately and we can see what might be possible to help you.
We will be praying for you.
God Bless.
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