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by Catherine Frakas 13 Feb 2003

priest/wiccan QUESTION from sean August 27, 2000 I need some discernment about a class I am taking at the Catholic university that I am attending. I signed up for a class called the 4 Gospels hoping to learn more about them, and to be an aid to my faith. I am a religious studies major also and I feel God's call on my life to go into ministry for him. Knowing the Truth of the Gospels is very important too me because some day i wish to convey this Truth to others.
My problem is the proffesor of this course. While he is an ordained Marianist priest he has all but abandoned the Truth of our Catholic faith under the guise of acedemic knowlege and rationalism. My problem is not wether or not I will believe any of what I have come to call collectivley the Lie, I have sat through similar classes before that claim to be the acedemic truth of our faith but is actually a assult of the Truth.
My problem is how I should handle this class. First of all while I think it is good to know about the falsities of the Lie so I can effectivley refute it, this class is spiritually depressing. To see 30 students suck up this lie giving them just another reason to not listen to the Truth even makes me physically sick. I cannot raise my hand and challenge every lie, my hand would litterally stay raised the whole class! Is there anything I can do about this? Should I stay in this class? Here's another sickning twist, the guy is also a practicing wiccan. I have already decided that if he tries to lead the class in any excersizes I will pack up my backpack and walk out and never come back. Am I in any spiritual danger by just sitting in a wiccan's class. What about everyone else who is in the class, is there any way to warn/help them?
I already personnaly know one women who attended this university and left possesed by many demons becuase she sat through another nun/wiccan's class and was opened up to that junk. Also didn't the Vatican just pass a new statment about Catholic teachers having to teach what the Church teaches, if so is there any way I can encourage this to be upheld by mu University?
I pray all the time that I would be impervious to the Lie and pourous to the Truth. I wish our Church hadn't breeded clergy and educaters that would make the learning of my Faith so difficult, but that is the bleak state of our Church. I want so bad to change that, I would appriciate your prayers also.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on October 21, 2000 Dear Mr. Sean:
We will certainly be in prayer for you. This is a difficult situation.
The standard advice given to priest candidates in seminary is to tough it out, get through the class, and once ordained you can do what you want.
Personally, I have trouble with that advice. That is, I personally have trouble practicing that advice. It is hard for me to just sit there and pretend that error is truth in a class that is basically heretical.
Some are able to play the game and get through seminary and get ordained. I admire their ability to get through. The situation you describe, however, sounds rather severe - for more severe than the typical situation. From your description what is going on is not just a few liberal ideas being taught, but that little or no truth is present in the classroom, and further, if the professor is a witch, then an agenda will automatically be present that is far worse than a liberal professor.
It is your decision, but personally I would leave the class and never come back. If such problems are all over the school you are at, I would change schools.
Can there be spiritual danger? Yes. Regardless of how confident and well-grounded you are, to be immersed in that atmosphere day after day is dangerous. And if the Professor is a witch, who knows what he might be doing to sabotage the faith of his students, including the casting of spells.
I personally would run, not walk, far away from that class, and maybe even from that school.
We will be praying for you.
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