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by Catherine Frakas 30 Mar 2003

Spiritual Freedom!! QUESTION from Cassandra April 16, 2000 I had been a member of the Cathlic faith for over 15 years and to be frank, I was getting pretty fed up. I had been raised in a Catholic family, but my parents had always taught me to think freely and develop my own ideas. I didn't like being involved in a practice where I was a second rate can something be equal and lower at the same time.
Don't give me any of that It's a mystery bull either.
My religion incorporates all aspects of humaness in equality. I revere nature, and do not think that I domintate it.
What makes people better than nature anyways, because of a 'fable' handed down from some unintelligent and ignorant society?
We are all a part of nature, we live amongst the animals, the trees, the flowers, the weeds and we are all equal. There is nothing better about humans and that is why we are destroying our environment.
I was just wondering if you could respond to my thought without quoting your precious answer book...How about thinking for yourself for once.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on Monday, April 17, 2000 Dear Miss Cassandra:
WARNING: this answer is not for the pollyanna or for the sensitive. My answer to this question is abrupt and to the point according to what this question deserves.
I will not waste my time with a detailed answer here because Miss Cassandra, you are a witch and further, a witch with an axe to grind. And like most witches you hold views that are stupid and based upon utter lack of ability to think.
Only a raving lunatic would assert that weeds, plants, animals and humans are all equal. Emm, I guess you can't be a vegetarian cause you are murdering plants since we are all equal and shouldn't deprive an equal creature of life. But what about the animals you kill every time you take a step. There are many animals on the ground, or on the sidewalk that we kill when when walk. There are animals on the plants that we eat. This position is hypocritical on its face and moreso utterly insane.
Thus I will not waste anymore time, not only because stupid notions like equality of all living creatures is stupid, but because people who think animals and weeds are equal to humans disgust me in their notion, and disgust me in the abject lack of abiltiy to think.
I only hope and pray that you are not in a situation driving your car when a little boy and Bambi walk onto the road. You have NO CHOICE but to hit either the boy or the deer. You can't even kill yourself to avoid hitting both because you are too close. You WILL hit the boy or the deer.
Will you hesitate on which one to run over? I know some people who would. I personally think anyone who hesitates with such a decision is sick and needs to be involuntarily committed to a mental hospital.
And anyone who chooses the run over the child to save the deer will mostly likely go to hell, and in the meantime should receive a life sentence for murder.
But I must go now. It is near supper time and I have to find my butcher knife and go out in the backyard to the bunny rabbit cages we have out there and select tonight's main course.
P.S. By the way, dear, It is the TRUTH that sets you free. Developing personal opinion apart from the Truth only enslaves you.
We will pray that you will be released from this slavery and bondage and will come to be enlightened by the freedom that comes from Christ -- and the freedom that comes from knowing how to think, which can only come from thinking Truly.
P.P.S. PLEASE, all other dingbats who have these sorts of notions, please do not bother to submit questions. We do have an minimum IQ requirement to be qualified to post questions here -- it has to be at least above 25.
I have made this response to this dingaling to be particularly intense and harsh manner on purpose because that is what it deserves and to let all other dingbats know my position with crystal clarity about such utter asinine idiocy as weeds and humans being equal. This, hopefully, no one will ever be tempted to submit such a question ever again. But some are slow learners, so any further nonsense like this will be rejected outright in the future.
I have wasted enough time. I have an appointment with a butcher knife and thumper.
Signed, JP President of PETA PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals
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