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by Catherine Frakas 29 Mar 2003

Archangels, and Symbols QUESTION from Kevin April 18, 2000 As a practicing catholic, I know that Gabriel is one of the Archangels. But I am unclear on his role. Some books I have say that he was liutenant to Lucifer during the fall or something along those lines. IF this is the case, then wouldnt Gabriel be considered evil? Did he fall with Lucifer? If he did not, then is he still in Gods Grace? (I.E/ Is Gabriel Good or Evil ?)
And my second question is that what is the significance of the symbols that accompany Angels and Demons? I know that there are very stupid and foolish people out there who use demon symbols in their incantaions to them, but I wont go there. Dont Angels have their own symbols as well? And what does it mean or portend if you happen to see a symbol somewhere? Ive noticed quite a few in forests, and even some neighborhoods near mine... Does that mean anything?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on April 27, 2000 Dear Mr. Kevin:
St. Gabriel is most certainly not a cohort of Satan in any fashion or at any time. I have no idea where you read that, but it is blatantly false.
St. Gabriel the Archangel (whose name means Strength of God) is God's ambassador.
St. Gabriel's most famous mission from God was to announce the Incarnation and Redemption of Man through a child born of woman -- The Annunciation to our Blessed Mother.
He was the first to adore the Precious Blood on earth and the first to speak the sweat name of Jesus.
There are many other missions in which we think St. Gabriel was the angel involved including the announcement to the shepherds outside Bethlehem of the birth of the Savior, accompanied the Holy Family into Egypt, consoled St. Joseph, and comforted Jesus in the Garden.
Because of his ambassadorial role in God's plan, St. Gabriel is patron of communications, radio, and television.
As to your question of symbols, yes there is significance to symbols, which is why they are symbols.
Symbols are a representation of a concept, idea, system of thought, belief, communication. Words are symbols of the thoughts that I wish to convey to you. I communicate my thoughts through the medium of language (a symbol of thoughts).
Baptism is a symbolic of death and resurrection. Holy Water is symbolic of our baptism, etc.
Symbols impart an idea or thought or concept. Thus they mean something. Some objects may symbolize one thing to one person and quite another thing to someone else. Symbols communicate.
As far as seeing satanic symbols painted on bridges and walls, these are usually the product of teenagers who may or may not be dabbling in the occult. While the symbols have true meaning within Satanism, the use of those symbols painted on walls by teenagers is usually a result of just plain teen acting out and rebellion. Few of these teens are truly Satanist.
Thus when you see this graffiti on the wall, it normally doesn't mean much more than a group of teenagers expressing their rebellion.
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