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by Catherine Frakas 31 Mar 2003

deliverance from evil spirits QUESTION from Bill Boehm April 13, 2000 Hello all,
There is a home here in Huntsville which was inhabited at one time by my friend who had experiences with a demon linked to the house. The house is demonically infested based on the eyewitness accounts of the former home owner and others. It seems that the home formerly had a tenant with a teen age daughter that brought the demon into the house through a pentagram. The teen was known to physically assault her parents.
My friend had a dream where he saw the teenagers surrounding the pentagram and calling for it to enter. His other experiences in the home are a strong part of the witness of his conversion which I will not go into here.
This is a home which our deliverance team was asked to pray for recently. This is related to the incident where one of our numbers turned on us and caused us great harm. We fully expect to do a deliverance prayer there. We hoped to get a local priest to join us in the deliverance. There is a serious question he had relating to the sinful life of the inhabitants and homeowners who live a nominal catholic life. Fathers question had to do with the link between the demon and the current inhabitants' sin.
Are the sins of this couple keeping the demon in place. A priest has blessed the place at the request of the couple but the demon was not driven out. I ask this question of you hoping that a satisfactory answer could be given to father so that he might participate in this endeavour.
There is no one in the Huntsville area who can help me with this spiritual question so I was hoping you could give me some insight. Also is it a requirement that the closest local church be advised of this deliverance. We would use the deliverance prayer which of course is not said in the name of the church but rather in our own names.
Yours in Christ, Bill Boehm
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on April 17, 2000 Dear Mr. Boehm:
You asked, Are the sins of this couple keeping the demon in place.
Answer: Yes, most likely so. As long as the demons have a hook to hang their hat on, they will.
In order to deal with this infested house, the occupants must get themselves right with God, be living in a state of Grace, when they fall, get to confession quickly, and be living a devout life.
Although the problems are historically attached to the house apart from the current occupants, the current occupants, as long as they are living in the house, become part of the spiritual dynamics of the house. To cast out the demons from the house, will only result in them return because the occupants allow them to return through their sin.
The sin situation with the occupants must be resolved. But more than that, those occupants need to be living a devout life in addition to just being washed clean of repented sin.
Once they do that a hedge of protection can surround the house. The problem is to keep the hedge gate closed and locked and the hedge itself from developing holes. Sin creates holes for the demons to squeeze through.
As for advising the local parish of the deliverance, this is not a solemn exorcism, thus I don't think there is a requirement for this. Rather the deliverance team is a prayer team. One does not need permission to pray.
But when it is possible, it is always good to have the cooperation of the pastor of the people having the problem. There are spiritual jurisdictional advantages to having the pastor involved when possible. When I do such things I prefer to have the cooperation of the pastor.
But, unfortunately, most pastors seem unwilling to deal with situations like this, or think that all such activity must be done within the context of a solemn exorcism under the bishop's supervision. That applies ONLY to a solemn exorcism.
Thus if cooperation is not forthcoming, a group of people coming together to pray can always be done nevertheless. But beware, do NOT use imprecatory commands, do not engage in conversation with demons, do not attempt to pray in the name of the Church (even a priest cannot do this, though a priest can pray in the name of his priestly ministry), and do not approach this at all without considerable preparation (and if possible, a person experienced in deliverance (non-solemn exorcism) type work.
This can be dangerous. Be careful. DO NOT PLAY DOCTOR if you only know First Aid. If you do, you will regret it.
We will be praying for you.
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