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Cursed? Blessed in Disguise? QUESTION from Jeffrey April 13, 2000 Dear Friend,
I have been out of work for a year now, and every attempt at finding it meets with failure. I have also in the meantime experienced what appears to be spiritual assaults of a nature that hither to I had never recognized--Including assaults in my visual imagination preventing me from using it, due to horrible imagery, a very few nightmares (I never have them) regarding demons, wherein I was nearly prevented from praying.
At the same time I have turned utterly to the Church and sacraments, as I am very much a contemplative, and have experienced wonderful prayer. I pray very often. I have been undergoing a rapid conversion during the past 2 years, studying much, and much of the time I have been unable to find work I have tried to spend for God as first priority. I understand Providence has reaons for allowing all of this.
I feel as if God is closing a number of doors and herding me in response to my prayers.
I am wondering if anyone here could pray for me or offer advice. I have read Amorth's book, but cannot find good related references, in regards to demonology, spiritual warfare, etc. I am hoping to find a good spiritual director who is very familiar with St. John of the Cross's spirituality to help me, but it is taking time.
Benedicite. Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us, now and at the hour of our death.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on April 15, 2000 Dear Mr. Jeffrey:
I am sorry to hear about your troubles. Please know that we will pray for you.
However, I am pleased to see that you apparently have a firm understanding of the spiritual benefits of tribulation and also some understanding of the role of Spiritual Warfare in that regard.
Keep on keeping on. God will lead you to the place He has for you. It is a matter of perseverance. Trust in God.
As for further information and prayers, please check out the references located in the Index of this Spiritual Warfare Forum. I have a catalog of SW prayers that might be useful to you in terms of specific attacks from the evil one. That catalog includes prayers to deal with unwanted thoughts and also a bedtime protection prayer.
Also link is the beginning of a list of recommended books.
God bless. We are praying for you.
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