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Different Views QUESTION from April 12, 2000 Dear Mr. Ignatius,
I have a question concerning your belief and the belief of some people who posted messages on your site. You say you are all real Christians, I am not a Christian myself, but I know enough about Christianity to know that Pride is one of your deadly sins. Is it not Pride to claim your own opinion as the only acceptable one ? To quote from the answer to Mr. Ikari´s posting from March 21 st, 2000 We [...] are right, they are wrong. There is no balance with error. How come you are so sure to be right ? Because your God told you, you might say, but wouldn´t a Hindu or a Buddhist say the same ? And from a distant point of view, none of you can proof his statement to be right or at least more likely. Don´t get me wrong, but one could get the impression that you take the parts out of the bible that serve you best to control the weak-minded, and leave the other parts unmentioned. So, the main question is : How can you be so sure to be right ?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on April 15, 2000 Dear Mr. gale:
You ask: How can you be so sure to be right ?
because the COMPLETE understanding of the Bible taking into consideration all contexts says so.

overwhelming documentary evidence that the Bible is what it claims to be

Overwhelming documentary evidence that Jesus is who He said He is

Overwhelming documentary evidence that the His Church is under the authority of the Chair of Peter

Overwhelming documentary evidence that the teaching of the Church is the teaching of Jesus.

Because God says He is the only way. We are but messenger boys of God. It is impossible for it to be pride, since we do not claim Jesus is the only way, Jesus does. We just repeat the message. However is is VERY prideful to think that all opinion is equal and all beliefs equal. If fact not only is that prideful, but it is plain stupid.

because all intelligence leads to the true God and man's folly leads elsewhere.
Or, to put it simply: because God says so.
I suggest you read the book: Christianity for Modern Pagans, edited by Peter Kreeft.
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