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deliverance QUESTION from david April 7, 2000 I used the ouija board when i was 15 and something entered into me through my head i was terrified.Ihave had two exorcisms but none of them have worked in fact i have got worse i am now in my forties but still live in hope of freedom this thing is still within me is there anything more i can do ??/
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on April 11, 2000 Dear Mr. David:
Well I can only give you some general advice over a Q & A Forum.
You say you have received exorcisms.... is that from the Church, or a deliverance team?
Here are the Steps to help yourself find deliverance:
One: you need to destroy all occult materials (books, ouija boards, other material). They should be burned, not just thrown in the trash.
Two: pray a prayer of renunciation over ancestral sins
Three: If you are Catholic, go to the Sacrament of Confession and confess all your sins, especially those involving anything even remotely occultic
Four: pray a prayer of renouncement of each and every occultic activity you may have participated in and take back the ground satan gained in your life through these activities.
Five: pray prayers that affirm your profession of faith. Renew baptismal promises.
Six: pray a spiritual warfare prayer to ask God to remove any demonic bondages or presences that may be with you.
Seven: Live a DEVOUT life. Pray the rosary daily, go to the Sacraments frequently, attend Mass frequently, go to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, get involved in parish activities, do good works, be a good Christian.
Eight: If this does resolve the problem, perhaps attending a Healing Mass with this specific intention of deliverance as the reason for asking for healing.
Nine: if that doesn't work, then you will need Deliverance counseling.
We will be praying for you.
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