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by Catherine Frakas 21 Apr 2003

meaning of life QUESTION from Gav March 10, 2000 I am a 22 year old male, I am Roman Catholic by birth but dont actially practice any religion although i do firmly believe in God and the Devil. I have always been inteligent and discounted my religion at an early age as I bielieve science to have dis- proven genesis. (Sorry this might be a long one)I was always the perfect child until the age of 15 when I found alchahol and then shortly after that drugs, through this I became a thief and a lier and directed a lot of hurt at my family, my drug addiction took over and I was soon living the 17 to 19 years of my life in squats with a very serious drug problem, I lost all hope and all faith and cared not to live. one night I had an anxiety attack i was not on drugs at this time and a friend of mine who i lived with was also very freaked out this scared me enougth to attemp to quit drugs.I had been off the hard drugs for about a week , I was stood at a bus stop alone at night waiting to catch the bus to my mothers where I had moved back in to try and get away from the drugs. I was pondering the value of society(and on the verge of a break down)when somthing extrodinary happend, A thought popped in my head from nowhere this was no simple thought but in fact what i believd at the time to be the meaning of life, it was one phrase in length probally about ten words and I said it out load to myself several times before I realised what it was, I then considerd it and summed up that it was indeed the meaning of life all of a sudden nothing bad mattered i could have gone home and found my house burnt and it would not have mattered, I could have told this phrase to anyone and they would have instantly seen that it was indeed the meaning of life, warring nations would have made up and starving people would have laugthed. I had to tell everyone. The bus turned up i payed to get on and that exact instant had no recalection of what the meaning of life was, how could I forget somthing this important, all I remember is it was one short sentence and was religous, but I felt better a lot better, I now know there is a meanihng to life even if I dont understand it! I rushed home told my mum all about my drugs problem to which she said I already know your grandma told me, she phoned a week ago and told me that you were in great danger somthing was really wrong in your life, and then she phoned again last night and said that you had been saved!! my grandma had seen these visions in dreams she is a very serious Roman Catholic but has always been phycic(seventh child of a seventh child, and parents who practiced the arts) Next I told my mother of my vision and expecting her to laugh at me she said that she had had that exact same vision in a time of need when she was my age and rushed home and forgot it the instant she talked. have there been anymore instances of this?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on March 17, 2000 Dear Mr. Gav:
In all likelihood your meaning of life experience was drug induced -- a result of drug residue still in your brain. It is not unusual for those on drugs or recently on drugs, and also those with psychiatric disorders to believe the have this sort of meaning of life enlightenment which comes and then goes.
There is a phenomena similar to this that happens in deep contemplation, but that genuine experience cannot be replicated spontaneously or traumatically.
Although it is possible that God may so enlighten a person temporarily for His own good reasons, in the case you site, with your family history, I doubt this was from God.
Rather, if this was not a result of brain chemistry reacting to drug residue then it was likely from a source other than God.
You mention that your grandmother is a seventh child of a seventh child and thus psychic and that her parents were practitioners of the arts. These arts are from the occult and the devil, not from God. The Seventh child of a Seventh Child is a superstition and means nothing except to an occultist.
I am sorry, but regardless of your grandmother's alleged Catholicism, if she was into that sort of stuff and her parents were into it as well, then they were NOT good Catholics. God and the Church condemn and prohibit participation in these sorts of arts.
Because of the ancestral involvement in occultism, your experience is likely associated with that if it is not bio-chemical.
I would advise renouncing all such experiences, praying a prayer to renounce ancestral sins (which can be found in the Spiritual Warfare Prayers link on the Spiritual Warfare Forum Index page), and discovering the only true meaning of life -- that we are children of a God who wishes us to be restored to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ, and live a life in glory to Him. That is the meaning of life.
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