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Demonic Possession QUESTION from Anon January 9, 2000
A friend has informed me of a situation about a person who is supposedly possessed because this person has been allowed by God to go forward with a mission in this state. My friend got involved innocently and ignorantly in meeting this person etc. The victim is in the process of being assessed by the proper channels appointed by the Bishop concerned(who evidently doesn't believe in hell!) going through psychiatric analysis etc.
What does the Church teach about possession for good effect? Is this ever possible? If so, would it only be made manifest during a proper exorcism or could it be during other kinds of sessions even prior to exorcism?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on January 18, 2000 Dear Anon:
I think your friend has been watching too many secret agent movies, or alien movies, or something.
As far as I know the church has not spoken on this, but then if the church gave a ruling on every crazy and ridiculous idea, she wouldn't have time for anything else.
I do not believe God sends people on missions by allowing them the great harm of possession. The idea is preposterous.
God will take a situation and make the best of it. He will take lemons and make lemonade.
There are many people who have been demonized, including myself, who after healing become great messengers for God in warning others about messing in Satan's sandbox. But that is God taking a bad situation and turning it into something good.
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