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by Catherine Frakas 30 May 2003 QUESTION from Karen December 30, 1999 Dear Brother John-Paul,
I seem to have a problem with my rosaries. My family & friends know of my devotion to Our Lady and my enthusiasm for the Rosary. As a result, I am given Rosaries fairly frequently...not expensive ones, just regular plastic or metal beads, usually. I keep them around the house and carry one with me always.
Here's the problem. For about a year now (coincidentally about the time I became active in Catholic work on the internet), EVERY rosary I have has BROKEN. This perhaps sounds a bit silly to some, but it is bothersome! They've broken in my pocket, in my dresser, on the wall, in my desk at work...the last straw, so to speak, was a special Christmas gift from my sister: a rosary from the Vatican made from real rose petals. This broke today, while in my pocket (I carry nothing else in my rosary pocket), into 4 pieces! This is a link-chain & bead rosary! And one of the beads is gone. This certainly doesn't deter my prayers, in fact I feel more determined each time!
However...these events, combined with other unusual instances, do concern me that I may be under some sort of attack. What do you think?
Also....I would be most grateful for your prayers as I begin writing the index for the Catholics on the Internet 2nd edition by Brother John Raymond. I'm sure this work does not please the evil one, either. God Bless!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on January 11, 2000 Dear Miss Karen:
I apologize for not answering your letter sooner. Your question got lost in the shuffle.
As to your question, the first explantion must be a natural one -- such as you just happen to be noticing the breakage in the rosaries more than you use to, to just coincidence.
Beyond that, yes, it is possible that this is a phenomenon that is devilish. They are what I call mosquito demnos.
Mosquito demons do not necessarily do a lot of damage, but they can be irritating.
One morning when I woke up and got ready for work, I reached over to the top of the dressor for my watch. It was gone. I spent fifteen minutes searching the entire bedroom. I took off every single item from atop the dressor so that the dressor top was clean and clear of all items. The watch was not there.
Finally at the point of giving up and going on to work, I glanced over to the dressor and there sitting smack dab in the middle of an otherwise clean and clear dressor top was the watch.
It was not possible for me to have missed it there. The dressor was clear of all items -- but suddenly it was there.
Most people have these kinds of experiences. Some are naturally based, some are mosquito demons.
If you are begining a new work for God, that is motivation for demons to bother you.
So get your mosquito swatter out and keep on truckin'. When you hit the mosquito zone you know you are on the right road.
We will certainly be in prayer for the book project. Hopefully Brother included us in this edition :-)
God Bless.
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