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pokemon QUESTION from Mattchu Rosen January 11, 2000 Although i am not fan of this pokemon fever, i know much about it. And as you stated to another email, you are not farmiliar with it, and so i shall try to explain. Pokemon is a collectino card came much like trading cards, its a game like the game of war in regulaar cards. The point of this game, is to, collect all the pokemon. Now, this is very popular for whatever reason among the small children of the world. There are lunch boxes tv shows, toothbrush, etc. i dont know why someone would be threateneed by this, but, there u go.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on January 18, 2000 Dear Mr. Rosen:
Well, you really didn't tell much about the game. It is true that I am not familiar with it, but I will be looking into it soon.
From what I have heard there is a LOT more to this game that you are letting on.
From what people have told me it includes a goal to collect (i.e. horde) various characters and train them to fight each other in gladiatorial contests. Some have said that Shamans and witches are part of the characters, and one goal is to try to collect the best set of spirits/demons to accomplish whatever is to be accomplished in the games.
It sounds to me very much like the fantasy role play games like Dungeons and Dragons that are so dangerous and certainly inapproprriate for a Christian.
I don't know what the full scoop is on this, but I will be looking into it. I will be at conference in March. One session of the conference will be reporting on the Pokeman fad.
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