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Prolife Forum: Abortion as child abuse

by Catherine Frakas 29 May 2002

Abortion as child abuse QUESTION from Paul on July 4, 2002 Hello,
My question has to deal with abortion as child abuse. It has been widely recognized that almost any sound theologian or Catholic would not ever deny abortion as the greatest form of child abuse. - Since not only is aninnocent baby killed, but almost always the conscience of the mother of the aborted child often becomes severely damaged - two times abuse!
My question: Will the Church now start tossing out people out of positions that have had an abortion (female teachers, Pastoral associates, etc.), even if it happened years ago, only once, and that there is repentance, or people who have maybe facilitated one?
Thank you,
ANSWER by Mr. Troy Martz on August 20, 2002 Dear Paul:
Of course your question/comment is very poignant given the current vigilance to rid the Church of an potiential child abusers, past or present, especially in regards to the priesthood. While this is truly necessary in many cases, the media hype is more intended to attack the priesthood and the Catholic Church than to defend children.
I don't believe that you will ever see the situation where people who have had abortions in the past are run out of the Church. At least I hope you don't. Many of the most active Pro-Life workers are those who have repented of participating in an abortion in the past and have been driven in their Pro-Life activism by their experiences.
What you are more likely to see, and have from a FEW faithful and couragous bishops, is refusing communion to those who publicly advocate legalizing abortion. These people (like Ted Kennedy for example) cause great scandal by pretending to be Catholic while rejecting the teachings of the Church AND encouraging others to reject the Church's authority.
Of course, it is not politically correct to call for these sanctions. You will never hear the secular media calling for bishops to be held responsible for the damage caused by abortion promoters pretending to be part of the Church. But then, the secular media will never acknowledge that the vast majority of the pedophilia that is currently the basis for their witch hunt is not truly pedophilia. Pedophilia, properly defined, is sexual relations between an adult and a pre-pubescent child. Almost all (over 90%) of the cases in the recent scandal are homosexual activity between adults and teenage boys. While this is still scandalous and sinful, the media cannot point this out because of the current pro-homosexual climate promoted by the secular media. To do that would mean admitting that there is something wrong with homosexual behavior. The reality is that the priest caught is the scandal, while disobeying God's laws and the Church, are only acting out what the media has been promoting as acceptable behavior in modern society.
We should all pray for honesty in the media, courage on the part of faithful bishops and priests (the overwhelming majority ARE faithful), and sanctity amoung all of the Faithful. Living lives of humble sanctity, charity, and prayer will inspire faithful young men to seek the priesthood. We need to encourage these men -- the discerning, seminarians, and newly ordained -- through prayer and friendship remembering that these are the future leaders that the Holy Spirit has provided the Church.
Pax Christi, Troy
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