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St. Michael, Satan and prayer QUESTION from Trevor on October 10, 2002 Hello Father,
I believe I have a very close relationship with Jesus. I pray every day, attend daily mass, teach CCD, try to help others and I can't stand Satan. Doing these things, I am still left with an intense desire to do more in the battle against Satan. I have told my wife that one of the things I really look forward to, if I get to Heaven, is to join up with St. Michael and rid the world of demons. To explain my desire and passion about this would be impossible. My question is then Father, what else can I do? Where and how can I inflict the most damage against Satan? Thanks for the website. I actually found your website because I was looking for a St. Michael website that dealt primarily with how to defeat Satan. Found it.
Thanks and God bless you, Trevor
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 16, 2002 Dear Trevor:
Thanks for the promotion, but I am not a priest. I am only a lowly lay brother-hermit.
I praise God that you have an enthusiastic attitude about working for God and a willingness to fight the good fight.
The best thing you can do to battle Satan is to protect and nourish your marriage and family. This is your FIRST and most important duty before all else. Since Satan wishes to destroy the family, focusing on your primary calling as a husband and father needs to be your primary goal.
If you feel called to do more, do so only under the discernment of God after careful prayer and spiritual direction.
If called, other things you can do is to pray spiritual warfare type prayers for various issues, like abortion, or whatever. You can find a Catalog of Spiritual Warfare prayers at:
>Spiritual Warfare Catalog
If you feel called to be apart of a Spiritual Warfare Prayer Team then perhaps you can volunteer for that with our group, the St. Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling. We do provide some training in how to do Spiritual Warfare prayers.
If called to do more than that, we are putting together a program to train people to be Deliverance Counselors. But that training requires MUCH discernment, a screening process and about 3-4 years of training.
If interested, you can contact me at:
But, unless you are really called, your best place is at home. And even if you are called to this, your home is still first priority.
Also, for the more advanced areas of involvement, one should not be too ambitious. This is a calling that one grudgely makes, not an ambition to aspire to when we are talking about deliverance counseling.
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