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Re: John's Arrogance note QUESTION from Shirley May 16, 2001 Dear Brother Ignatius,
Just wanted to let you know I do not think you arrogant, but a Defender of the Truth. To sensitive people, this could be misconstrued for arrogance. This is not something you should worry about (maybe because you hit a nerve with what you had to say, and that's the reason they don't like your tone.)
I wish there were more PRIESTS out there who would actually preach from the pulpits some of the stuff you say on this forum. I can't remember the last time I heard priests condemn sex before marriage, contraception, abortion, the OCCASION OF SIN (something I've NEVER heard preached), homosexuality and many other non PC subjects. It is TERRIBLE. Why are some priests so cowardly these days? So I thank God for your website. May you continue to preach God's Truth and win many more souls for Christ.
God bless you.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 8, 2001 Dear Shirley:
Being called arrogant and other much worse names is just an occupational hazard. Most people use these terms without the slightest regard for their real definition. Often people will be labeled as arrogant if they are passionate in their speaking. People will be labeled as arrogant if they happen to be knowledgable. And arrogant is expecially used when the person calling the name has their toes stepped on by a truth they don't want to accept.
Arrogant actually means to assume more than one is due, more than one is qualified to do, out of pride.
I have assumed nothing that I am not suppose to. I am but a messenger boy delivering a message that is not my own.
The reason that many priests are weak from the pulpit is fear of stepping on toes or causing waves. It is plausibility. I wrote an essay on that subject.
But we better get off our collective butts and begin to cause waves. People's souls are at risk. While the war has been won by Christ on the Cross, many battles for souls rage on.
Those clergy or laity that stand idlely by will have to account for their inaction on judgement day.
As Mother Angelica said once: If we are not a thorn in somebodies side, we aren't doing our job.
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