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Re: Eastern Catholic Conversion-I Have been refused for no clear reason QUESTION from David on October 9, 2002 Dear Bro Ignatious
Greettings from Australia
Thank you for your reply
As mentioned previously I am a Non Catholic, However I have been refused entry to the M------- Catholic Church for no clear reason. They really do not want to talk about it and shove me off to the western Church for no clear reason. They simply say to join the Latin Church, no further discussion wanted. When I explain my reasons for wanting to specifically join the M Catholic, that is a desire and a love to grow spirutually within this particular tradition and live as a Catholic in this particular Eastern Ritual Tradition/Church, they are speechless, like they have never heard of this before, my priest says to me, he can't understand me?? I have been told many various contradictory statents, including the real reason (I believe) I am being refused, RACISM!!! I am very sorry to have to say this, but after many months of getting nowhere this is the conclusion I come to, certainly this belief that you have to be born into it or be someone who has married an M Catholic is prevalent among clergy and Laity. I have actually been told by my priest that you have to be born into it, or be married to someone in it. He denies they do any evangelism (according to him Only the Latin Church does). I have also been told by another visiting priest from interstate that In America they put M first then Lebanese, over here (In Australia) we put Lebanese first then M and in that way it is different from the M Catholic Church in the United States.
Can the Priest do that?? I have been doing my own reading/research into this and have found there are two types of Non Catholics in the Canon Law, those who are Baptised (Have a valid baptism from outside the Church) and those who are Not Baptised. Apparently Non Baptised can choose any Ritual (Catholic) Church (Eastern or Western) to be baptised in and become a member of that Church. What about other Non Catholics??
I am considered to have a valid baptism, does this stop me from choosing which Ritual Church I could enter the Catholic Church through??
After reading Canon 28 and Canon 35 of the Eastern Canon Law, does Canon 35 legally require me to enter the Latin (Or Western Church) In order to enter ythe Catholic Church??? OR does this Only (as I believe) in the Light of Canon 28 apply to the Orthodox who wish to become Catholic?
Again, legally speaking, Can I be refused?? and if so for what reasons?? Is it allowed for me to be refused on Cultural/ethnic grounds??
Thank you for your reply I hope to hear from you soon
God Bless David
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 16, 2002 Dear David:
As I mentioned before, the Eastern Rites are national and ethnic Churches. If you do not belong to one of the ethnic groups of those Eastern Rites, then you really would not fit in that much.
If, however, a particular pastor has refused your request then try another parish, or contact the Eastern Rite Bishop.
But I have to wonder why this is so important to you. Is the Rite of the Church that Peter, the first Pope, founded not good enough?
If you truly desire to be Catholic, then join the Catholic Church. What does it matter what Rite?
If for some reason you are not eligible to join the Eastern Rites, then join the Latin Rite.
One of the things you need to learn is that to be Catholic, one does not DEMAND their own way. One needs to be humble and submit their personal preferences to the Church. If a stumblingblock gets in the way of what your desire, then offer it to God, and go another direction. Humility must take precedence over personal preferences.
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