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Choir - Receiving Communion QUESTION from Shirley O'Connor October 29, 2000 Peace to you in the Lord Jesus.
Sorry to be a nuisance but there is one more question that I need to ask. I have tried to approach other q & a forums but I never receive a reply.
As stated earlier, I am a member of the church choir. After receiving Communion, it seems that we almost immediately have to begin the communion hymn.
Sometimes Jesus is with me longer than others and I do not feel right about singing (or doing anything else for that matter) until the Blessed Host has been consumed.
I am prepared to quit the choir at this point as I feel that I am not able to worship my Lord the way that He deserves to be honoured and adored. I know that singing is important but the thought that has come to me is this:
I can always sing in the congregation but I cannot adore my Lord the way that He deserves to be adored when I am in the choir.
Am I being selfish? Am I wrong? Please help!
ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on November 3, 2000 Dear Shirley,
I understand completely and I don't think you're being at all selfish. I used to sing in a choir too and I really enjoyed it but like you it was very distracting for me to worship and I didn't really feel like I had been to Mass. My personal solution was to go to the vigil Mass as a regular member of the congregation and sing in the choir the next day at Mass. This was rather hectic but I kept it up for awhile. Finally family matters forced me to drop out of the choir all-together and that settled the problem.
My hat's off to those who stick and stay with the choir. It's a real and necessary ministry but obviously not everyone is called to it or suited for it; even though I just so happen to have an amazing and magnificent voice . In Christ,
John Miskell
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