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why believe QUESTION from Robert May 10, 2001 Why do we say we just believe in God. This biggest word that I am starting not to like. Shouldn't we say that we know that there is a God and that we know that Jesus is God the Son. We don't just believe that the wine and the bread turn into blood and the body but we know, through what we have been told that it does during the mass. When explaining the truth to people not of the Catholic Church I have said a couple of times that I know that Jesus was on this earth and that he was the Son of God. They have told me in reply that you don't KNOW. But I still argue that fact that we do know. Please explain to me why we don't use the word know.
God be with you, Robert
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 8, 2001 Dear Robert:
To believe is to know.
Unfortunately in this wacko world of ours where everything is turned upside down, we have come to think of belief as a watered down notion of wishful thinking.
To believe is to accept as true or real. It is not a wishful thinking, it is a KNOWING that something is true.
I believe in God means I accept as true that God exists, I KNOW that God exists.
Another word for accept is to embrace
I EMBRACE God when I say I believe in Him..... that has a nice ring to it.
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