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Reading the Bible QUESTION from Chris October 29, 2001 At anytime in the Catholic Church was it forbidden for the general members of the church to read the Bible? I was told that only the Priests were able to read to the Congregation. I also have a Grandfather that Grew up in Mexico and said that he was excomunicated because he was caught reading the Bible by the Priest. I'm not sure about the whole situation, but that is how the story was related to me. He was born in 1900 and this would have happened somewhere between 1912 and 1920 (I'm not sure). Thank you, Chris
ANSWER by Q & A Staff on November 16, 2001 Dear Chris,
Since a parish priest does not have jurisdiction to perform an excommunication, I doubt if this is what happened your grandfather in Mexico. You don't make clear if he was reading the Bible to the congregation, or privately.
Regarding reading the Bible by lay people, please see my earlier answer here
Thanks Chris
God bless,
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