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Communion Hymn or not? QUESTION from Adrienne on July 11, 2002 Dear Mr. Slavek-
I watch EWTN's masses on TV and notice they do not sing a commuion hymn. I am an organist; I thought we were to sing a communion hymn as we approach as a hymn in unity. Is it permitted to use only an instrumental? Most communion hymn text are not correctly written or are inappropriate; and those that are cannot be sung by those who approach the Eucharist with hands folded as they need to.
I don't want to do the wrong thing; I am interested in the possiblity of not singing a communion hymn every week- would a hymn of thanksgiving after communion suffice by itself? Thank you! Adrienne
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on July 19, 2002 Dear Adrienne,
It is not required to sing a hymn at this time. In my own opinion, a hymn should not be sung as the people receive because in my own experience I have found that singing distracts me from what I am doing: receiving the Lord.
Silence is also okay during this time. Most parishes prefer to have at least soft instrumental music since it helps cover up the sound of people moving through the church. However the sound of people moving to receive the Eucharist doesn't bother me.
Mr. Slavek
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