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Daughters Of Isabella QUESTION from Joanne Perez February 15, 1999 I Rcently joined the Daughters Of Isabella, They are involved in meetings with, Church Women United. I am a vounteer for HLI and I know from reading call to Action or Call to Apostasy that Church women United are listed in the book. Have you any suggestions? I am in a new church and I don't want to hurt feelings.
Thanks Joanne
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on February 20, 1999 Dear Joanne:
Sorry for the delay in responding.
I am not familiar with the Daughters of Isabella but I did take a look at their Website, which is a monument to lack of information about what this organization believes.
I did see a reference to a concelebration with an Episcopal priest and I believe a Catholic Bishop. If this was a concelebration at Mass, then the Catholic bishop involved was breaking the law. Canon 906 prohibits concelebration with priests or ministers not in full communion with the Catholic Church.
If you are correct that the DOI has connections with the heretical group Call to Action, or any other group like it, I would suggest you specific ask your local DOI what their views are, whether they are sympathetic with Call to Action and its philosophy. If the DOI were sympathetic to the views of Call to Action, then as a loyal Catholic, in my opinion, you would have a duty to disassociate yourself from the DOI.
If doing that were necessary, I would advise a simple statement:
I’m sorry, but the DOI holds views that are not consistent with the Church teachings and is sympathetic with organizations that also hold views counter to the Church. As a loyal Catholic I am obligated by conscious to not involve myself with such groups. I’m sorry, but I must resign membership. Have a good day. We will pray for you in this regard; and for the DOI.
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