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Prolife Forum: Vow against using med.advancements from stem cell research

by Catherine Frakas 14 Jun 2002

Vow against using med.advancements from stem cell research QUESTION from Roman August 13, 2001 In reference to the 'Vow' page, you denounce your option to use medical advances made from embryos because the life of the child is taken in order to do the research. What is the Church's stand on vaccinations because fetuses were used to develope vaccinations... polio, hepatitis B, DPT, human rabies vac., and the chickenpox vaccination were all developed using fetal remains.

ANSWER by Mr. Troy Martz on August 2, 2001 Dear Mrs. Roman:
My apologies for taking so long to respond, but it did yeild some fruitful research.
First, the Church teaches us principles that we are to faithfully apply in areas that are not directly addressed. The fact that there are no direct references to vaccines from aborted babies (I hate the word fetus since many use it to make us forget these little ones are human beings) in the Catechism does not mean faith and moral issues are not involved. Here are three principles that taken together define this issue:

1. Abortion (intentional killing of an unborn) is always objectively evil. 2. You can never use an evil means to achieve a good end. 3. Human beings, created in the image and likeness of God, can never be USED to meet our needs.

When we look at the issue in this light, I believe the only way to be faithful to the Church is to look for alternatives. This is where the fruit comes -- there is a tiny little website by a group called Children of God for Life. Here you will find extensive information on alternatives to many of the vaccines produced from aborted babies. This is better than other information I found since they give brand names and contact information for doctors to purchase the alternatives in single dose quantities. Please download and share this information with everyone you know, especially doctors, nurses, and families with children. If we can create a large enough market for these untainted vaccines, companies will work harder to be able to produce them and the market for vaccines from aborted babies will go away. The profit motive is often the only thing that drives these issues in the marketplace.
Remember also that part of the push to use fetal tissue (dead babies' bodies) comes from the animal rights groups who insist that animals cannot be used for research. They have created a market for products that are animal friendly. Unfortunately, these products are sometimes created using humans (which apparently is acceptable to the animal rights groups). It has always been the clear teaching of the Church that humans are the ONLY persons in the visible world. Animals, plants, and natural resources are made for our sake and we may use them for our needs within the realm of stewardship. Persons can NEVER be used morally, the only morally acceptable response to a person is love.
Given the above information, I will never allow my children to receive a tainted vaccine. In fact, for me that would be sinful since I have an informed conscience. This is especially true for those vaccines where an untainted alternative is available. As for the cases where there is no alternative available, I encourage you to get the information, read it carefully, pray for guidance, and seek the advice of a good spiritual advisor who understands that you are trying to be faithful to the Church and Her defense of life.
Pax Christi, Troy Martz
P.S. Currently there are alternative to most common vaccines EXCEPT: Chicken Pox, Hepatitis-A, and Rubella.
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