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Saturday Mass QUESTION from Terry Bookwalter October 31, 2001
At what time can Mass start on Saturday to be considered valid for our Sunday obligation.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on November 3, 2001
Dear Mr. Bookwalter,
The Sunday obligation is fulfilled at ANY mass after 4pm on Saturday even if the Mass is not the Sunday liturgy. Thus, for example, a wedding Mass AFTER 4 pm on Saturday will count for the Sunday obligation, but a wedding mass at 2pm or even 3pm will NOT count as Sunday's obligation.
This legislation concerning the vigil Mass was promulgated by Pope Pius XII, apostolic constitution Chrisus Dominus VI, January 6, 1953; Acta Apotolicae 45 (1953) 14-24; Canon Law Digest 4, 2750276.
Mr. Slavek
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