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Exorcised Holy Oil
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Spiritual Warfare Catalog Entry Return to Catalog Index Exorcised Holy Oil [The chrism oil blessed by the Bishop and used in the Sacraments of Confirmation and of Anointing cannot be use by laity nor in deliverance unless a priest is performing the Sacrament of Anointing. Thus, this rite of blessing is of Olive Oil (preferably Extra-virgin), blessed by a priest, and used outside of the Sacraments, for ordinary blessing of people and places.] A priest must bless the oil. P: Our help is in the name of the Lord. -„Ÿ. Who made heaven and earth. Exorcism God’s creature, oil, I cast out the demon from you by God the Father + almighty, who made heaven and earth and sea, and all that they contain. Let the adversary’s power, the devil’s legions, and all Satan’s attacks and machinations be dispelled and driven afar from this creature, oil. Let it bring health in body and mind to all who use it, in the name of God + the Father almighty, and of our Lord Jesus + Christ, His Son, and of the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, as well as in the love of the same Jesus Christ our Lord, who is coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire. -„Ÿ. Amen. - P: Lord, heed my prayer. -„Ÿ. And let my cry be heard by you. P: The Lord be with you. -„Ÿ. May He also be with you. Let us pray. Lord God almighty, before whom the hosts of angels stand in awe, and whose heavenly service we acknowledge; may it please you to regard favorably and to bless + and hallow + this creature, oil, which by your power has been pressed from the juice of olives. You have ordained it for anointing the sick, so that, when they are made well, they may give thanks to you, the living and true God. Grant, we pray, that those who will use this oil, which we are blessing + in your name, may be delivered from all suffering, all infirmity, and all wiles of the enemy. Let it be a means of averting any kind of adversity from man, made in your image and redeemed by the precious blood of your Son, so that he may never again suffer the sting of the ancient serpent; through Christ our Lord. -„Ÿ. Amen.- The oil is then sprinkled with holy water. Exorcised Holy Water Exorcised Holy Incense -->
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