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Camelot Warfare Library - Exorcised Holy Incense

by Catherine Frakas 17 May 2013

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Exorcised Holy Incense
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Spiritual Warfare Catalog Entry Return to Catalog Index Exorcised Holy Incense [A mixture of frankincense and myrrh is preferred. In the story of the Magi who came to honor the Christ child, brought three gifts for Him.- The first gift was gold, which is a gift given to a king. The second gift was frankincense, which is a gift given to a god. The third gift was myrrh, which is a- spice used in burial. Thus, these gift were- given to a King, who is God, and who will die for His people. Thus, this mixture of frankincense and myrrh represents a- God who died for us. This fact of the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross and His Resurrection is of particularly powerful against demons as this even represents they total defeat. Holy Incense can used bless a house or person using an censer with a handle to be able to walk around to incense each room. The censer may also be used to burned incense in a stationary place- for regular use to fill the house with the fragrance and the blessing. The least complicated way to buy the censer, incense, and charcoal is to buy a home incense kit.- We recommend the kit at Monastery Greetings since it comes with a supply of frankincense and myrrh, which one can mix together before burning.- IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR BURNING INCENSE: Since the incense will be burned in a home setting, very little incense needs to be used at any given time. The charcoal can be broken into small pieces, about the size of a dime or less. Carefully lite the charcoal, using a lighter designed for lighting charcoal BBQs- or Fireplaces. When the charcoal ignites it will spray a few particles so be sure to do this in a safe place away from anything flammable. Once the charcoal is burning, place about 1/4 teaspoon of incense on the burning charcoal. This should suffice for personal home needs. ***Please note that the practice of burning incense must be done with caution. Remember, censers DO get hot and may burn. Make sure that you place your censer on a sturdy ceramic base or other base that can take heat without burning the base or the surface the base is placed upon. Watch for children and animals when using hot objects. Any misuse or careless use of burning incense, - or failure to follow these instructions is not the responsibility of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael nor the supplier of the incense, censer, charcoal, and other supplies. Please be attentive and careful when using a censor and incense.- Never leave the censer unattended.***] A priest must bless the incense.- P: Our help is in the name of the Lord. -„Ÿ. Who made heaven and earth. Exorcism God’s creature, incense, I cast out the demon from you by God the Father + almighty, who made heaven and earth and sea, and all that they contain. Let the adversary’s power, the devil’s legions, and all Satan’s attacks and machinations be dispelled and driven afar from this creature, incense. Let it bring health in body and mind to all who use it, in the name of God + the Father almighty, and of our Lord Jesus + Christ, His Son, and of the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, as well as in the love of the same Jesus Christ our Lord, who is coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire. -„Ÿ. Amen. P: Lord, heed my prayer. -„Ÿ. And let my cry be heard by you. P: The Lord be with you. -„Ÿ. May He also be with you. Let us pray. Lord God almighty, before whom the hosts of angels stand in awe, and whose heavenly service we acknowledge; may it please you to regard favorably and to bless + and hallow + this creature, incense, which by your power has been prepared from aromatic plant materials. You have ordained it as a fragrant offering to glorify You and to bless people and things, they may give thanks to you, the living and true God. Grant, we pray, that those who will use this incense, which we are blessing + in your name, may be delivered from all suffering, all infirmity, and all wiles of the enemy. Let it be a means of averting any kind of adversity from man, made in your image and redeemed by the precious blood of your Son, so that he may never again suffer the sting of the ancient serpent; through Christ our Lord. -„Ÿ. Amen. The incense is then sprinkled with holy water. Exorcised Holy Oil Exorcised Holy Salt -->
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