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Miracles Links

by Catherine Frakas 02 Jan 2007

Miracles & Apparitions

Table of Contents
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Legion of St. Michael'sPolicy on Apparitions
Private Revelations which do not have Full Church Approval (Gold Star) or a local Bishop's Approval (small Red Bible with a Cross), according to the Apparitions of Jesus and Mary Website, will not be linked at this time.
Thank you for your understanding

Apostolate of Holy Motherhood A 1987 appearance of Mary and the Christ Child
Banneaux, Belgium Information on the apparition at Banneaux
Blessed Faustina and the Divine Mercy A site on Blessed Faustina and her visions
Catholic ApparitionsSite lists all the apparitions with the codes for their current status
Cuapa, Nicaragua The story of the apparition of Mary to Edward Bernardo Martinez in 1980
Eucharistic MiraclesDiscusses Eucharistic Miracles in detail
FatimaWe are currently looking for a definitive site for Fatima. The Fatima Network and all websites and magazines and literature produced by The Fatima Network, such as, and the Fatima Crusader cannot be recommended.Father Gruner, the Fatima Network, and its publications all CANNOT BE RECOMMENDED because Father Gruner and his organization promotes unwarranted discord and disparagement against the Pope and the Holy See. In essence Father Gruner is at best a neo-Catholic and at worse someone with schismatic attitudes and perhaps even heretical views. He declares that the Pope has not consecrated Russia when in fact the Pope has done the consecration, claims the Vatican has covered-up the real Third Secret, and most surprisingly has declared that Fatima is not a private revelation. Since ALL public revelation ended with the Apostles, this alone places Father Gruner outside the Church and perhaps makes him a heretic. It certainly indicates a man who has lost all sense of perspective to the risk of his soul.His wild and unsubstantiated conspiratorial blathers and attempts to cause dissension and suspicion of the Pope and Vatican based solely upon his personal fantasies, interpretations, and arrogant pontifications, means that Father Gruner is certainly no friend to the Catholic Church and is a danger to the faithful.We recommend that all literature from The Fatima Network be filed in the circular file. It is not of God. If anyone knows of a definitive site that is in communion with the Church, please contact us.
Gietrzwald Marian shrine of Our Lady of Gietrzwald, Poland. Information of the apparitions that occurred in 1877, the messages and the visionaries
Grotto of Tre Fontane The story of the appearance of Mary to Bruno Cornacchiola
Kibeho, Rwanda Appearances by Jesus and Mary to children in 1981
Knock Includes information of the apparition of Our Lady, St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist in 1879, photographs, pilgrimages, facilities and other items
La SaletteGives information on the visionaries, the messages, and the churches response
LourdesGives details of the apparitions to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858 and information on the miraculous cures that have occurred at Lourdes
Lourdes Information on Bernadette Soubirous, the apparitions and includes photographs of the Grotto and the Basilica
Manilla, Philippines Information of the apparition to a group of solders
Mary of Agreda Offers a short biography of Venerable Mary of Agreda, information on the Association of Mary of Agreda and other items
Message of Divine Mercy This site gives the background and bibliography of Blessed Faustina
The Miraculous Medal A short history of the apparition and of St. Catherine Laboure

Our Lady of Akita 1973 apparition of Our Lady to Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa in Akita, Japan. Includes the story and Our Lady's messages

Our Lady of Beauraing Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary to children in Beauraing, Belgium, 1932-1933
Our Lady of Guadalupe Gives the history of the apparition, prayers, images to download, how to pray the rosary, and other items
Our Lady of Soufanieh In 1982 Our Lady appeared to Myrna Nazzour in Damascus, Syria. Subsequently Myrna received the stigmata
Padre Pio Foundation of America Another Padre Pio site that has a bibliography, pictures, and other items
Padre Pio of Pietrelicina Site tells about Padre Pio, the first priest to receive the stigmata
Pope Leo XIII Vision of 20th Century Catholic Church which led him to write the famous prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
Sister Anna Ali Information on the appearances of Jesus to Sister Anna Ali since 1987
Shrine of Lourdes Information on the shrine at Lourdes and the apparitions
St. Bernadette Offers a biography of Bernadette Soubirous, the apparitions and messages
Saint Catherine Laboure of the Miraculous Medal A book about Saint Catherine and the apparitions
St. Catherine of Siena Dialogue of Catherine of Siena while in ecstasy
St. Catherine of Siena A short biography of St. Catherine, one of the doctors of the church
Welcome to Betania The Official page for the apparition of Jesus and Mary in Betania, Venezuela, beginning in 1976. The site includes Our Lady's messages, photos, testimonials, and information on Maria Esperanza
Zeitun -- Mary on TV Information on the appearance of Mary to a crowd in Zeitun, Egypt in 1968
Zeitun -- The Story of the Apparition A complete story describing the apparition

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