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by Catherine Frakas 22 Jun 2007

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Author Topic Catherine Inquirer USA 32 Posts
Posted - 12/22/2007 : 10:57:27 PM
It seems to me that on many occasions angels are present. I am not sure there is anything that says in Holy Scriptures one particular angel is assigned to one person. They seem to be around consistantly working and watching. Holy Scriptures tell us in may instances of the angels being helper and fighters and protectors.They are not flowing flowery woman in glowing white gowns but strong tall and serious men. Men with whom no one would think of messing and who we owe many thanks to when they often step in on our behalf.One day I was sitting at Mass as as our Priest began to pray the Communion prayers and before communion there appeared behind him in front of the door to the back and angel standing as a guard there. There was on other on the otherside also behind the Alter but infront of a door. The floor there was lower the top of their heads above the door. The presence had something to do with the Holy Communion and nothing passing into the area behind the Atler.It was my sense that there were several other outside the church alsoguarding. It was relevant to me that they were there at the time of communion. I spoke with our Priest on that matter. He said there has been some recent concern about the Blessed Bread and Blood. They had in the past set them out in the lobby. We were to move a wafer to the second bowl on our arrival. This was to give the proper number of wafers when communion time came if everyone moved one. I had not noticed but the week before the wafers had not been out front. Something had changed and I had not known what but I can tell you if these tall serious men of God, the angels are there something serious is going on. It was very a very moving experience.God bless us and keep us all especially those who have the faith to pray in the name if Lord Jesus Carlo Inquirer USA 6 Posts

Posted - 12/25/2007 : 4:49:46 PM
I have a friend who has had similar visions of angels at Mass and at a Baptism. I hope she can someday share in detail on these forums her visions of the angels as well. Jesus said Blessed are those who believe and have not seen, but it still is inspiring to hear people's accounts of the supernatural that we the faithful take by faith.BTW, Merry Christmas everyone

May the Blessed Sacrament find & console you. May the Immaculate Heart of Mary humble you & lead you to the fullness of Christ's love.

Edited by - Carlo on 12/25/2007 4:53:16 PM
Catherine Inquirer USA 32 Posts

Posted - 12/25/2007 : 7:59:58 PM
Carloyou know it is an overwhelming feeling of awe to see such a thing. It leaves a person wondering why they see them or why they know they are there. What is the reason. Support of them in prayer and to witness of the thing to others perhaps.It would be wonderful if your friend would come on line and talk with us. About the things they know and see. The witnessing of these miracles are both bonding and seperating. They bond us to those who understand and seperate us from those who live in fear and disbelief. There is nothing more wonderful than to testify to such things and share them with others.You also have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful year in 2008May God bless us all especially those who have the faith to pray in the name Lord Jesus! juliet Inquirer USA 14 Posts

Posted - 12/26/2007 : 01:40:13 AM
I can say that i heard of people seeing angels, 1 guy a jewish man who was shot in a drug deal, who saw an angel at icu and lived, converted to catholicism and says he was like why i thought a 10 year old child would be at my side in icu for the entire time didn't make sense until i figured it was an angel from god.Angels are messengers. They are there to tell you about the lord.But then again jesus christ appeared to his disciples on the road and they didn't recognize him.I think god gives you a view of what you can handle for your own salvific plan, and you might want to see angels etc but if you do not- it really is neither here nor there.The apparitions of the mother of jesus are excellent to refer to for spiritual guidance about angelic visions-- they were there to say fear not-- the mother of jesus is the focus Topic New Topic Reply to Topic Printer Friendly
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